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  1. TimTom

    Fixing Aixismodule to Copperheatsink with solder?

    Hi guys, look at this picture: And tell me if its possible, to fix the aixis module with solder to the copper heathink. Im actually don't know a better way, that may would works permanently. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!!:wave:
  2. TimTom

    [website preview] what do you think of my (future) website? ^-^

    hey guys, im a bit sleepy now but i finished the design of my website, that i will release nex time ^-^ there you can take a first look: TOMEW design i will upload projects (laser projects from me too) and stuff about me.. no idea if you are interested but i think it would be cool if you can...
  3. TimTom

    New host for my laser

    hey guys, i decided to give my last laser a new, better, "perfect" host. the current one is nice too, but the picture will recognize that i should get a new one. the heatsink is not fit good (no idea how to fix it) i dont think about buying one from a user there, because i have not that much...
  4. TimTom

    [MOD] Power Supply

    Hey guys, today I started and finished a for me very useful project succesfully (: I'm working on a portable speaker project, with a car-radio as amplifier and to test it, I do not want to use my batteries for this.. so I decided to make a PC Power Supply work for my issue. It was easier as I...
  5. TimTom

    LIGHT goes off after 30 Seconds? Wad?

    Hi guys, i just purchased to this flashlight: (pic just for your image, what flashlight i mean) it has a xml t-6 cree led and yea.. works fine with my panasonic 2,6Ah 18650 batteries. i wanted to test my battery lifetime with the flashlight and turned the flashlight paralel to a timer. after...
  6. TimTom

    M140: Powering with USB?

    Hi guys, today I got the idea to power up a M140 diode with a USB from my pc, because I don't have a driver atm. that is working and I want some fun with my lazor's. I heard, that they give me about 500mA up to 1,5A. Is it true, if yes, useful or possible for the diode? Would be cool ^-^...
  7. TimTom

    [FINISHED] 2nd Build Thread *pics*: ~1W @ 445nm in Flashlighthost

    Hey guys, since one or two weeks I'm planning to build my next laser. I know that my last buildthread wasn't the best one so now I will try to do it better! :) I think that will be done, because this week I'm at my father and he has a amazing camera - Nikon D5000. (Click on a picture to see...
  8. TimTom

    My first build <3

    Hi guys, i finally finished it, my first build! :drool: It is obviosly blue and has an output of ~1W - there im not sure, i dont have a LPM.. here some pics: atm i dont have batteries for my laser.. so i had to build my own who gives me ~9Vx) At monday i will upload a short video to...
  9. TimTom

    [SOLVED]0.34A but i bougth it for 1,2A?

    +++ LOOK LAST POST BY ME +++ hey guys, today my driver for my laserdiode arrived after extracting it from the plasticbag i noticed, that some parts from the spray are broken up. there a picture, what spray i mean. it is marked with a red box. http://puu.sh/7MDLH.jpg is it bad if i use it...
  10. TimTom

    My first amplifier build :0

    hey guys, today i finished my amplifier build <3 it looks not very beautyful, but it works! i have a pic with some numbers. to each number i'll tell you what part is is :b there a list :p Heatsink Output A & B are Mono modules for stereo sound :p 8-18V input (i use 14,5V) 6 ohm resistors...
  11. TimTom

    Little Problem with driver for MS-SSW II

    Hi guys, yesterday I finally got sinners awesome MS-SSW II host. I already have a Laserdiode, Lens & a module. I have to buy 2 batteries and a driver now.. but there is my problem. On a shop in my country I can buy good drivers, but they are too big for sinners' driver pill in this host. There...
  12. TimTom

    Making a momentary/stand switch

    Hi guys, i have a little laserhost and it just have a clicky switch (I hope you know what i mean, if not tell me please.) and I want to make them clicky and momentary at the same time. Here a pic of all the parts from the switch in the housing: on imgur: Parts - Imgur I know that it's...
  13. TimTom

    Pressing the diode into the aixis housing.. little problem there

    hi! today my 2 lasediodes arrived and i want to press them in an aixis housing. but there is a little problem. the diodes has at the back an isolation. this can you see at this picture: so i cant use the back of the second part of the aixis housing (case for driver or similar) to press with...
  14. TimTom

    [EPIC] Bought 2 445nm laserdiodes with <2Watt

    hello community, today i searched on ebay for laserdiodes and yea.. i found an epic article. 1 laserdiode with 445nm and about ~2watt output for just.. 37$!!! so.. i bought two of them :drool: there is the ebay link: 445nm BLUE Laser Diode 2 Watt - Ersatz/Replacement CASIO Beamer | eBay what...
  15. TimTom

    Battery buggy? // Can i charge this battery?

    hello community, i tested some minutes ago my 3v battery with an multimeter. it says 2,8v@5,3amp. so i tested it out in my laser but i doesnt works.. ? so i tested my laser with other batterys and well.. it works. what the fuck happens? o_O -------------------------------------- i have an...
  16. TimTom

    Wanna build a green laser.. what do to..

    Hello everyone, i planned to build my own green laser. i already offered sinner ms-ssw II host but im not sure if it will come to me.. so i searched on ebay for an host. there it is: *hit me haard* it is running with a 18650 batterie (i think i can use here 2x C123A rechargeable batteries too)...
  17. TimTom


    delete me, ty
  18. TimTom

    Sony 24x/10x/40x Burner would be good?

    hi community, today my father gave me a burner, exact designation is in the title or here: SONY CD-R/RW Drive unit CRX175A1 24x 10x 40x (Y23) | eBay it is 'very' old so.. would it be good for a laser? what do you think you much mw i can got from the diode in it? thanks in advance, ~ Tim
  19. TimTom

    FF (Forum Fail): Some users are always online?

    Hi community, did anyone released that some or all users here always shown as online? In every thread I never saw'd a Post with the State as "OFF". Always "ON". Did anyone know why that happens? Is the timestamp too high until the user will be displayed as offline? Im really interested in...
  20. TimTom

    [How?] Turn an opencan green laserdiode into an aixiz module

    Hello Community, don't worry, I'm just interested. Is it possible to put out the opencan diode of a "green" laser module (like this picture at the bottom) and put it into a aixiz module without make damage? (Pic from dx.com) If yes, can someone give me a little tutorial for that? Greetings...