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    some basic questions on drivers

    Hello guys, im just looking through different driver options and there are some upcoming questions...for the case that the answers to my questions are to be found somewhere in this forum, i beg your pardon...scanning a forum for the answers might be possible, but timeconsuming sometimes, also...
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    why do Laserbeams stop "suddenly"

    hello, ive asked myself a couple of times, why my Laser has such a short beam....the strongest one i have is a 1500mw Blue Laser, now i cant say how long the beam is, might be 2km or only 500m, its hard to tell...in any case, the beam suddenly stops, it doesnt get weaker or thinner, its bright...
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    where can i buy a complete Laserhost for 2x16340 battery?

    Hello guys, i deceided i want to build my own lasers now instead of buying complete ones. Thing is they are very overprized in EU and US and if you buy in China, you can get some pretty good deals but its hard to find anything more powerful than 1500mw blue lasers... So what i have in mind is a...
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    building a 5W laser with a Laser that comes with a 12V PSU

    hello, id love to post a link here but im not allowed yet. Ive spotted a 5W Laserdiode inc. a big black heasink with fan and driverboard is already attached, a 12V Powersupply also comes with it. For sure you are familiar with this lasers, they are sold for this carving/burning/cutting machines...
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    9V battery mod?

    Hello, excuse me for making my 4th thread on my 1st day, but ive got a lot to ask and i dont like to put all in 1 single thread. I was wondering how convenient it would be if we here in Europe could just use the regular 9V batteries. The have a little bit more power, you can get them...
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    messing with potentiometer on Blue Laser?

    Hello, i screwed off my new 1500mw Blue Laser for the purpose of putting some Thermal paste between the diode and the casing and on the winding. i got excited when i saw the little potentiometer on the driver circuit, because i saw on Youtube that the power can be increased pretty...
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    Lasers and broken camera sensors.

    Hello guys, i was just sitting in my chair and thinking about doing something positive again and suddenly a thought came up, what would happen if you hold a powerful laser beam into a surveillance camera? Wouldnt the sensor die instanly?that would be a great way to sabotage the upcoming...
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    Hello from Germany

    Hi, my name is Arthur, im 40 and from Hamburg Germany :) i got interested in Lasers by stumbling over a styropyro video like many more i guess. I gotta admit i wasnt even sure if lasers like this existed anywhere else than in science fiction films, let alone they were available for so cheap. How...