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  1. loreadarkshade

    250mW 650nm DVD Laser Build

    This diode was extracted from a 16x DVD burner from an old PC lying around. I used a cheap dollar store pet laser for the adjustable lens. The flashlight host is a cheap $5 aluminum case. I used a simple LM317 driver using the flashlights 3 AAA batteries to get my diode working. I used a 25c...
  2. loreadarkshade

    Anyone have good laser goggles for sale?

    I need some goggles and the ones on survivallaserusa.com are SO expensive. I mean, i get it, eye safety is important, but I can't help but feel like they're taking advantage of a niche market to boost up the prices of a tinted piece of plastic. Anyway, I'm from canada, and these www ...
  3. loreadarkshade

    Repaired HTC Vive Base Station with old PC CD Burner

    Kind of funny how life goes full circle. So i had a broken HTC vive base station that had a IR laser that wasn't firing anymore. I ALSO joined this forum literally last week, getting into the laser hobby. So i had the idea to try and replace the diode with one from an old CD burner. To my...
  4. loreadarkshade

    What is your favorite laser color / wavelength?

    Mine is definitely in the 475nm range! :love:
  5. loreadarkshade

    Can you identify this Blu-Ray diode?

    I recently salvaged old DVD drives that were donated to me. Unfortunately, I threw away the case which had part numbers. To my surprise, one of the many diodes extracted powered on blue! (I'm guessing Blu Ray diode) Here's where I'm a little lost. Most of the Blu Ray diodes are within the...