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    Laser did i waste money

    I don't know much about that host or what might be in it?? Looking at this sellers other products the prices seem to be in between the rip off sights sights and the low price ones. His single diodes are very expensive and over priced.
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    Laser did i waste money

    You need to give a better link, or at least the company..
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    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

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    Star Trek TOS Phaser's Laser Modded For Sale..

    Are you in the US? I'm not sure what you mean by G1 though. There are a few Diamond Select phaser's laser modded on ebay but the asking prices tend to be extreme. If your good with your hands modding them is doable but be prepared for alot of cutting and grinding and sanding. You will also need...
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    Why is green expensive?

    I would look at DTR's 520nm PL's series of diodes. 100mW to 150mW can be done and as they are direct diodes they will work well in the cold.
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    2w laser beam expand a lot

    Yes as far as I know he's not actively building.. That C6 host you have is a nice one but the heatsink is quite small for decent run times with a 2W laser. One step up is a 501B host which has alot more room for a better size heatsink. Look at member Lifetime17's builds and sales thread and you...
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    Fixing “SMP” Sci-fi 1.8w 445nm laser. Where to start?

    That rectangle spot and beam profile is most likely caused by the lens if it's a G2. You can tame it a bit with a 3 element lens but you will lose about 30% of output power. Maby someone can chime in about the driver as I don't know but mine came with a cheap one meant for LED lights which are...
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    Post your random pics!

    Artic, I had a work friend years ago who was Finnish. I went with him a few times to club he was a member which was a mostly a sauna resort. While the guys chopped and moved the wood and then had a long sauna session, the woman were cooking a feast:) As the town he lived in had alot of Finnish...
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    Post your random pics!

    Is it one of those Sion's or Sian's ?? Phaserboy, you still use to what looks like and old wooden sled like I had as a child.:):) Although unless I was pulled by a friend I didn't do much sledding in MA where I grew up. I was driven to a park maby 2 times as child that has some hills or slopes...
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    Fixing “SMP” Sci-fi 1.8w 445nm laser. Where to start?

    Well, my diode had no marking's and I believe the the notches on the side of diode didn't match a M140. No one on the forum could identify it. When it arrived to me, the beam and spot was a awful big splash. I sent it to Lifetime17 and the diode window was bad, so he de canned it and it works...
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    Fixing “SMP” Sci-fi 1.8w 445nm laser. Where to start?

    The AL host looks kinda thick and that's a nice piece of copper up front. Polish it up and it will be nice, especially the copper. Maby even get a custom focus knob from Rich:) Bowtie and Rich have some nice way's of getting really nice sheen. This way you also get the satisfaction of having a...
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    Fixing “SMP” Sci-fi 1.8w 445nm laser. Where to start?

    Can you send a pic of the host? Just curious as it doesn't seem to be a 501B Most likely it isn't a M140 either or if it is it may have alot of hours on it, as at the time these weren't that cheap yet and found out my 501b from him with the claimed M140 had no markings what so ever. Most likely...
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    ADD 505nm & 515nm greens to your collection for less than $60-$hip free add ac/dc get PLUGPLAY

    Yup, it was the cyan description that makes me think it's closer to a 495 diode, although Hak seams to think it's a true 488 color:unsure:
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    Reasons for 700mw laser not working well

    Even though it looks like you put the heatsink over proper place over the diode part of the module you really should double up and put 2 of those sinks over the complete module, and that is minimum still. Like Hak mentioned the tightest focus part of the beam burns the best and is usually about...
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    Looking for a unicorn-473nm diode

    Wondering if you should open another thread about your 07 test run.. Some might have missed that part;)
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    Laser goggles: Remaining visible light / How bright are high power lasers through safety goggles?

    Those glasses also have a VLT of 42% which will see the spot a bit better and still give you OD7 protection compared to the cheap ones which are usually around 30% and only protect to OD2 or OD3.. There are Eagle glasses that offer OD5 and OD6 protection with a VLT of 50%.
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    ADD 505nm & 515nm greens to your collection for less than $60-$hip free add ac/dc get PLUGPLAY

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Industrial-488nm-60mW-Mint-Blue-Laser-Module-Cyan-Color-Laser-12V-For-Stage/323642775158?hash=item4b5a9cd676:g:KN0AAO5wfTlcNrn8:rk:42pf:0 Had I looked I might of just waited and ordered this.. How close to 488nm?? but still has to be nice for $59.:)
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    ADD 505nm & 515nm greens to your collection for less than $60-$hip free add ac/dc get PLUGPLAY

    Hi Hak, i'm logging off for a couple hours but a quick note I ordered it from Existotem. Had I known or read the opening post a bit better I would of went Alan as of these modules all seem the same and the quicker shipment would of been a big plus..:( I messaged Existotem about how its packaged...
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    ADD 505nm & 515nm greens to your collection for less than $60-$hip free add ac/dc get PLUGPLAY

    Silly question, for members that bought these cheap labby style modules. Do you remember how they were packaged for shipment or how existotem ships them, padded envolope or boxes? Only asking because my mail box is limited in size and don't know if i'll be home and never know what time when my...
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    which one is better

    No No it's all good and was really only in fun as said and are apology's.. I did see you just post about what I think you mean using welding glasses as safety glasses..????? STOP using the those welding glasses.:eek: They do not work for laser's. It been posted over a 1000 times's that they...