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    The Worst Insect Ever! (NO PICS)

    They all bite. Watch this vid Brave Wilderness TY channel. You'll see Coyote Peterson demonstrating the bite of the Giant Desert Centipede on himself. The typical house centipede is a good pest control.
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    RGB Handheld!

    As much time as it took during the R+D phase it's not surprising this laser has such a price point to recoup investment.
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    Distance can a laser beam be visible? At NIGHT

    Your question has too many variables to answer. Ask again an be precise this time. See these links
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    Sanwu Lasers

    Contact them- directly.
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    Diode pump a ruby laser?

    Welcome EBEOS. Being a new member you might not have read through these two threads. They generated quite a buzz do to the color of these two lasers and to their simple construction. But there's an unsolved mystery which is specifically what type of crystal. What we know is a self frequency...
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    What can be seen from 5+ miles?

    I agree with RA_pierce. Photos next time please.
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    What can be seen from 5+ miles?

    You've left out info therefore one can only guess at what answer you're looking for. Guess 1: from your friend's point of view looking directly at the laser there's nothing you need to do. 5mW will be visible. Guess 2: from your friend's point of view looking at the terminated spot I suspect the...
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    which one is better

    I did the same after - nothing.
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    which one is better

    Bringing to my attention this new member is from Turkey I've completely edited my previous post.
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    which one is better

    I did not know this member was from Turkey. No need to offend a member where a word sounds similar to an English word. I have deleted the original reply. For those that gave a like, please unlike.
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    If you're asking is it possible to change the internal workings probably not. If not, do what the other poster said.
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    Appropriate conditions for looking at laser light without glasses?

    Definitely some overly complicated math. Laser light at this output is dangerous when "specular reflections" enter ones eye. Other than that, the terminated beam spot will be just a bright light depending upon the color of the surface. I've viewed a 25 W argon laser spot reflecting off a light...
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    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    If you're running Windows 10, I've resized using the built in photo editor.
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    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    I single positive lens can be used.
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    My new build with small brass host

    I always prefer low diverging beams. No testing. It's a hunch based upon the diameters of the G type lenses. I've a Challenger ll which uses a G lens.
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    This is for the machinists members and others that may be interested.

    Machining a cube on a lathe.
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    No response from jet lasers please help

    Most Chinese don't celebrate Christmas. Could be some other holiday. Check the Chinese calendar. P.S. Be patient and don't worry.
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    Help in Alaska! Looking for fellow AK members for a Laser by Sunday.

    Rest assured any laser level drvice sold in the USA outputs not more than 5mW.
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    Looking to build a small "sky-laser"

    Look up "Fat beam" laser. That might be an option. The caveat is as with any light source seen at a 90° angle from the beam said beam must have high output especially in clear air. Moisture (humidity) or particulates will increase visibility. Green would be the best choice.