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  1. thanhtung

    FS: 60$ - Blue laser pocket mini 1w+

    - This is my pocket mini blue laser 1w - I tested LPM with G2 lens - it's use Kdriver boost with 1 battery x 10440 (not include) --------- Price : 60 usd Cost ship : 6 usd
  2. thanhtung

    GH04955A2G Sharp 495nm laser pen build

    cool built!
  3. thanhtung

    1.2 watt BDR 16x single mode 405nm

    Cool colo, I really interested in violet laser I usually see almost 16x violet diodes run in about 500-650mA ~ 1w-1w1 with lens G2 I have been set one at 850mA and it is die after 2 days! And at 1A, really i haven’t seen yet!
  4. thanhtung

    NDB7675 + NUBM07E Laser Build

    Very nice! What did your driver used?
  5. thanhtung

    Green 200mW ~510nm my mini first mod

    Dear,It is sharp diode
  6. thanhtung

    Looking To Buy An Osram PLT5 488NM 5.6mm Laser Diode

    I have only 1 pc 488-490nm , it is brand new but i put into axiz and solder wire! You can inbox to me if you want to buy it! Thanks
  7. thanhtung

    some pics blue laser mini size 14500

    this is my new mod product for a my friend! It use 1 x 14500 battery heatsink brass and Kdriver boost 1.5A At the next time i will develope new Super buck 4.5-6A ( SKdriver) 3 '][/URL] thanks ;)
  8. thanhtung

    Green 200mW ~510nm my mini first mod

    Thanks, i also don’t know the name of this host :) , it is a cheap china host and use my other driver DIY same Kdriver, this laser use 1 x 10440 battery I saw your thread, it can run good, you can make a mini heatsink for axiz, then use Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive
  9. thanhtung

    Green 200mW ~510nm my mini first mod

    i was use sharp diode green with driver boost and test with len G2, this product is not sale: '][/URL] '][/URL] '][/URL] '][/URL] '][/URL] '][/URL]
  10. thanhtung

    FS: 75usd - 1W 638nm host inox mini

    dear, I have some 638nm lasers mini like this for sale: - Host : inox - Diode Mitshubishi ML501 - heatsink is brass - Battery: use 1 x 10440 ( not include ) - At pic power i have used len G2 ( not incude ) - duty cycle: 30s - Cost ship around the world : 9 usd pls see pictures, have fun...
  11. thanhtung

    Pen host 505nm

    you can inbox to me if you have any question about my products! thanks
  12. thanhtung

    Kdriver - New design buck driver 2.2A softstart

    3 types of my driver will been ship to paul in the morning tomorrow ( in vietnam’s time) I hope I will bring good drivers to everyone! And i wait result from your test! Thanks everyone very much!
  13. thanhtung

    Kdriver - New design buck driver 2.2A softstart

    yes, so where can i send it to and who will test these driver? send to me a message address I need you test fully! and like pauld said , It takes along time to get here from Vietnam unless you opt for DHL Express shipping (5 days) thanks!
  14. thanhtung

    FS: Kdriver buck 2.6A, boost 1.5A, linear 0.8A

    Dear, cause i haven't solder it into driver yet for fix max 1.5A . It here:
  15. thanhtung

    FS: Kdriver buck 2.6A, boost 1.5A, linear 0.8A

    hi, After test all my design fully i can show to you full information of these driver: 1. Kdriver buck bare 13.7 x 9.8 mm and round 17mm: 19.9$ Input Voltage Range: 3 to 17V Adjustable Output Voltage from 0.9 to 6V - Max out current is 2.6A and can been up to 3A depend to your power - I...
  16. thanhtung

    Kdriver - New design buck driver 2.2A softstart

    hi everyone, this is my new design - the name of it is Kdriver - i tested it at 1.9A (not heatsink) for m140 diode, this is good when it ran 2 minutes without need heatsink for Kdriver - i set for Kd softstart 2s like in under clip test - the drivers next i will set at 1s or 1/10s depend my...
  17. thanhtung

    Pen host 505nm

    yes. it is end with 91
  18. thanhtung

    Pen host 505nm

    It is 505nm diodes model SB147ER91
  19. thanhtung

    Pen host 505nm

    Topology: Boost (When operating, Vin must be below Vout/diode Vf) Vin: 2 - 24V Vout: 3 - 26V Iout: 70 - 1500mA (depends on Vout) Size: 0.50 x 0.38 inches (12.7 x 9.7 mm) Features: Soft start (internal) Thermal shutdown Current regulated Adjustable current Continuous ground/negative and this...
  20. thanhtung

    Pen host 505nm

    thanks for your sharing! i tried and see that i get more run time 60s and get a litle warm;)