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  1. Elektrotechniker

    SELLING: Riya Lite DAC

    i have a riya lite dac. it works just fine. barely used. it needs a new home. pm me with an offer https://www.photonlexicon.com/forums/editpost.php?p=353439&do=editpost
  2. Elektrotechniker

    source to buy heatsinks

    since jayrob no longer offers his pocket mini kit https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/fs-pocket-mini-build-kit-easy-assembly.22537/, i am looking for a source to buy heatsinks for the Ultrafire 602C host...
  3. Elektrotechniker

    [FS] Scanner sets for sale

    Hi. I have following items that need a new home. 1. PT-30k set purchased couple years ago, has only about 2 hours of use. For what it is worth, i was surprised with the quality of the calibration these scanners had when i got them. No further tuning was done since the graphics produced were...
  4. Elektrotechniker

    FS: 1.2 W 445nm Blue lasers for sale

    I have some 1.2 W 445nm blue lasers for sale. They use one of the older 445nm projector diodes and have a respective AR lens. The power range is ideal for handheld lasers. The laser module is cooled passively using a black anodized aluminum heatsink. The laser uses a focus knob to adjust the...
  5. Elektrotechniker

    Custom laser projector for sale

    hey guys. due to school i need to raise up some $$ so here's something ive had for almost 3 years now which was used for less than 2 hours indoors. it uses a pair of 30k PT laser scanners, a custom made mount with 3 red diodes in it for red, about 400mW of 650nm i think, could be more. for blue...
  6. Elektrotechniker

    FS: Quickshow FB3 (NEW)

    I got a QS FB3 Lasershow software and FB3 DAC. Complete new in box never used. pm me with reasonable offers.
  7. Elektrotechniker

    Fifty Shades of SHIT

    I'm tired of this worldwide bullshitt "phenomenon". I watched the trailer just to see why everyone's so excited about and I figured it must be the BDSM thing. If you are turned on by BDSM then go on the internets and watch PRONZ under the respective category. Srlsy what's with this movie? On...
  8. Elektrotechniker

    Reddit Secret Santa

    So who's taking part in this? I signed up for this, since LPF doesn't host a Secret Santa this year :shhh:
  9. Elektrotechniker

    my laser projector

    Have had it for about a year now. It's custom made. I had it assembled by a guy in Netherlands, who had the right tools to do the job. Specs (afaik) 30kkps PT scanners 532nm 400mW (dpss) 660nm 500mW ( diodes) 445nm 700mW(diode) I am using the riya lite dac and own a copy of LSX Lite by drlava...
  10. Elektrotechniker

    Age of Empires II HD

    Any Age of Empires II players here? I found a way to play the HD version online over tunngle. Tunngle is basically a better version of Hamachi(LAN over internet) which supports more games and works better. Normally you'll have to buy the game on steam and play on lobbies. If you are in for a...
  11. Elektrotechniker

    Tablet Pc convertible

    Bought a fujitsu lifebook t5010 the other day, runs too hot and loud. Then I read it's typical for fujitsu products. Even at idle it's so loud that it wants to take off. A friend of mine has an HP 2730p but the calibration is a bit fu** up. I bought mine for the better specs and more functions(...
  12. Elektrotechniker

    My first HeNe

    Finally. After about a month, the EPIC GreeNe I bought from daguin is here. I own one more gas laser but it's an argon one. That being said, I figured my collection lacks a HeNe :) Soooooo.. I'll let the pictures do the talking Dat Epic Packaging :D Took a month to arrive, but it is...
  13. Elektrotechniker

    Gallon Smash Prank !

    First one is the original. What do you guys think ?^^ I found it very funny and each time I watch it I burst into laughs.. Okay okay children are starving in Africa but this is stupid.. Those milks weren't going to Africa anyway... Of course it's a waste but the prank itself is hilarious IMO..
  14. Elektrotechniker

    Laser tragedies: Share your story

    People are posting their stories every now and then. What the title says. I tend to find some of them funny. I hope this doesn't offend anybody. If you remember any or have experienced a laser accident yourself, feel free to share it. Here are some that I'm aware of...
  15. Elektrotechniker

    532nm dpss nightmare

    Laserwave unit. Fell on the carpet from about 0.5-1 meters of height. Lased for a second or 2 when I turned it on, after the event. Then it went very dim. It was doing something close to 400 mW and had a very good beam profile. Such a shame :( Paid like $300 for it a year ago. Was going into my...
  16. Elektrotechniker

    Anybody into making music?

    Do we have any djs here? I recently discovered spacesynth, it's an 80s style kind of music. Due to this discovery, I started experimenting with music software like Fl studio, cubase, I even got myself a keyboard midi controller ( m-audio oxygen 49 ), nice little keyboard for beginners :)...
  17. Elektrotechniker

    FS: 1.2 W 445nm Blue lasers

    I've got some of these nice blue lasers for sale. They are brand new. They come with a protective tailcup on the aperture. The laser uses 2x 16340 batteries.(NOT INCLUDED) Each laser also comes with a warning label on it(you can choose whether you want me to mark the info on the sticker and...
  18. Elektrotechniker

    FS: Linksys WAG120N

    Linksys WAG120N Annex B.Opened but brand new. Got it last week. I dont need it anymore. Comes with everything including the original box. Got it here: LINKSYS WAG120N-E1 WIRELESS-N ADSL2+ GATEWAY ROUTER ISDN - DSL - E-SHOP.GR Asking $60 shipped anywhere in the world. Thanks for looking.
  19. Elektrotechniker

    I r has question

    Regardging a c@s³o @140 projector: Is it possible to extract a specific amount of diodes and still have the projector operate at a lower brightness? I heard rumors, so I thought I'd ask for a second opinion.
  20. Elektrotechniker

    SOLD: 445nm module in cpu heatsink

    I'm selling just the heatsink+module with diode of course. The diode is one of the older ones i think A140 but i have ran it at 1.4 W no problem on this setup. You can turn this into a nice labby with infinite duty cycle.Total runtime is about an hour. Original thread here...