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  1. Elyekim

    Batteries don’t fit into my laser?

    Hello everyone, so recently I bought a a laser from sanwu. The Striker Saber 525nm 1.2W. I received 69mm long batteries that came with it (the brand was Tuofeng) but one of the batteries stopped giving a charge, leading to me buying a new pair of batteries. I tried buying Samsung’s batteries...
  2. Elyekim

    525nm 1.2W Sanwu Striker Saber doesn't turn on anymore

    The battery alignment puzzled me when I first got it, but figured it out and got it to work flawlessly. It was working fine yesterday, and decided i'd charge up the two Tuopeng 3000mAh 18650 3.7V lithium ion batteries in my dual charger (everything was bought from sanwu). I put it on the charger...
  3. Elyekim

    Can I look at the dot of my 1.2W 532nm without goggles?

    I have proper safety goggles for it, but I'm curious if damage only occurs at this power when the beam directly hits the eye. I've glanced at the dot while shining it on darker surfaces which isn't as bright as a white wall a couple of times already. How cautious should I be? I have a sanwu...
  4. Elyekim

    What is this?

    Is this just multiple lasers in one casing? Is that a convex shaped lens he put on to focus the beams?
  5. Elyekim

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Hello everyone, my name is Lucas. I'm currently 19 years old and I am studying for my Computer Technologies Associates degree. As a kid, I've always been glued to the computer playing various computer games... mostly online ones which have their own sort of community. I'm quite a nerd when it...
  6. Elyekim

    What kind of eye protection should I get for my red laser?

    Hello all, I am new to the forums. I bought a 5W 650nm red laser and was wondering if there were any reputable sites for eye protection. I've seen people wearing red lenses for their blue lasers, so should I be looking for a blue lens? Are there any clear lenses which would do the same job...