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  1. MassLaserGuy

    Sanwu Guardian 1W 520nm Review

    Well understood. I didn't intend to suggest that the danger of a 520nm laser is any more or less than blue or red lasers of the same output power. The statement of caution and respect for this laser applies to any Class IV laser. Of course, a green laser looks brighter than a blue or red of the...
  2. MassLaserGuy

    Sanwu Guardian 1W 520nm Review

    Although I don't have a LPM, one can guesstimate this from two datapoints: First, Sanwu shows LPM tests of their 1W 520nm lasers, coming in at just over 1,000 mW. Second is the known efficiency of the G7 lens, something like 88%. Based on these two numbers, I would guess that the laser outputs...
  3. MassLaserGuy

    Sanwu Guardian 1W 520nm Review

    I'm a newcomer to Sanwu lasers, but if this first laser from them is an example, I'll be a repeat customer. I just got a 1W 520nm Guardian laser with the G7 lens and a single-mode click switch. It has the smooth case, well machined. The laser produces the brightest spot in the distance I've...
  4. MassLaserGuy

    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    I'm another convert to singing praises of Sanwu. I just got a 1W 520nm in the Guardian host. Amazing power for such a small laser. Review to follow. Shipping was fast and delivery was as promised.
  5. MassLaserGuy

    Primary Color Brothers

    On Thanksgiving Day, I took this shot of my three brothers-in-law, each illuminated by a different laser pointer, defocussed to spread the beams: a 1000 mW 650nm, a 200 mW 532nm, and a 1000 mW 445 nm. Before any of you complain about airplanes, there was a low ceiling, and we're far enough from...
  6. MassLaserGuy

    Arcane 2.0 635nm 1W from TheJoker

    I just got my Arcane 2.0 635nm 1-watt laser from Sci-Fi Lasers, operated by the Forum's own TheJoker. It's heavy and powerful-looking. The beam, once focused, has slightly asymmetrical 'wings' as shown in this thread of the smaller 1W from Sci-Fi. With a 4 minute duty cycle, I don't worry about...
  7. MassLaserGuy

    Props to Sci-Fi Lasers

    I want to commend Eitan at Sci-Fi Lasers for his exceptional customer service. Today I received an Arcane 2.0 1000mW red laser. Initially I thought that it had no focusing lens, because the end-piece could unscrew and instead of a lens attached to the middle, there was just a hole. The laser...
  8. MassLaserGuy

    laserbtb Quality Laser?

    I recently bought a 500mW HL405 and a 1000mW HL445 from laserbtb. They arrived in perfect working order and continue to perform flawlessly. They have become my go-to company for handheld lasers.
  9. MassLaserGuy

    Taking lasers on planes

    I just returned from a business trip across the country. I had the 4 lasers in my .sig (tailcaps and batteries removed) in my carry-on briefcase, along with a total of 9 16340 LiOn batteries, 2 18650s, and 6 AA batteries (for camera gear). Also in the briefcase were 2 laptops, 2 outboard USB...
  10. MassLaserGuy

    How long did shipping take?

    That's why, when I ordered my lasers recently from laserbtb, I ponied up for express shipping. The package was picked up in HongKong on Saturday and I had the lasers delivered in Massachusetts on Tuesday.
  11. MassLaserGuy

    Laserbtb comes through

    Week before last, on the 7th, I ordered two handheld lasers from Laserbtb (HL445 1000mW and HL405 500mW), based on good reviews I read here. A few days later, they sent me an email stating that my lasers had been shipped and provided me a tracking number. When I looked up the tracking number on...
  12. MassLaserGuy

    Check this out!! (Pictures now available)

    Re: Check this out!! Uhh, you linked to photos in your AOL mailbox. Won't work for anybody else.
  13. MassLaserGuy


    I am a private pilot with almost 20 years flying experience, as well as an active laser enthusiast. One thing I can tell you is that NO airplane has windows which see straight down. Only when performing steep bank turns can the ground directly below the plane be seen. Helicopters, on the other...
  14. MassLaserGuy

    Laser on planes?

    I recently flew to Costa Rica with two lasers in my carry-on packpack. Lasers were in one backpack pocket and batteries were in the other pocket. US TSA didn't so much as give them a second glance when they went through the X-ray machine. Costa Rican security, doing a 100% hand search of all...
  15. MassLaserGuy

    Flag this video

    Flagged and thumbed down. No comments to feed the troll. It gives me fear that others will see this kind of dangerous behavior and either imitate it or use it as a reason to ban lasers. Sigh.
  16. MassLaserGuy

    O-Like 200mW 532nm cute or transformable?

    Hi David, I recently received the O-like 200mW 532nm adjustable/transformable laser as well as the 300mW 650nm Cute laser. I can report that the focusing rings on both lasers are tight and capable of focusing the laser beams to very tiny dots. The clicky switch on the Cute is nice, but I'd be...
  17. MassLaserGuy

    power threshold for lateral visible beam

    Besides the relative insensitivity of the human eye to red light as opposed to green, there is another reason why red laser beams are harder to see: they are actually much dimmer. We see a laser beam from the side because of light scattering due to dust in the air, and red light is scattered...
  18. MassLaserGuy

    O-like 200mW red laser new style vs. old vs. cute?

    I recently got one of the last 300mW Cute lasers. The focusing ring will bring the beam down to a very tiny dot, which will nearly instantly burn through white paper and black plastic CD spindles. However, it makes a tiny pinpoint hole, of course. The 250mW Cute lasers should do just about the same.
  19. MassLaserGuy

    O-Like delivery time frame

    Update again: the batteries and chargers arrived on Friday, Feb. 11, just 5 days later than the lasers arrived. Color me happy!
  20. MassLaserGuy

    New O-like 250mw?

    I was lucky - I received my 300mW 'Cute' red laser from O-like earlier this week. Works like a charm. On the other hand, there is very little difference between the 250 and the 300mW versions. If you were holding one in each hand, you'd be surprised how hard it would be to tell them apart. Don't...