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  1. MassLaserGuy

    Sanwu Guardian 1W 520nm Review

    I'm a newcomer to Sanwu lasers, but if this first laser from them is an example, I'll be a repeat customer. I just got a 1W 520nm Guardian laser with the G7 lens and a single-mode click switch. It has the smooth case, well machined. The laser produces the brightest spot in the distance I've...
  2. MassLaserGuy

    Primary Color Brothers

    On Thanksgiving Day, I took this shot of my three brothers-in-law, each illuminated by a different laser pointer, defocussed to spread the beams: a 1000 mW 650nm, a 200 mW 532nm, and a 1000 mW 445 nm. Before any of you complain about airplanes, there was a low ceiling, and we're far enough from...
  3. MassLaserGuy

    Arcane 2.0 635nm 1W from TheJoker

    I just got my Arcane 2.0 635nm 1-watt laser from Sci-Fi Lasers, operated by the Forum's own TheJoker. It's heavy and powerful-looking. The beam, once focused, has slightly asymmetrical 'wings' as shown in this thread of the smaller 1W from Sci-Fi. With a 4 minute duty cycle, I don't worry about...
  4. MassLaserGuy

    Props to Sci-Fi Lasers

    I want to commend Eitan at Sci-Fi Lasers for his exceptional customer service. Today I received an Arcane 2.0 1000mW red laser. Initially I thought that it had no focusing lens, because the end-piece could unscrew and instead of a lens attached to the middle, there was just a hole. The laser...
  5. MassLaserGuy

    Laserbtb comes through

    Week before last, on the 7th, I ordered two handheld lasers from Laserbtb (HL445 1000mW and HL405 500mW), based on good reviews I read here. A few days later, they sent me an email stating that my lasers had been shipped and provided me a tracking number. When I looked up the tracking number on...
  6. MassLaserGuy

    CR123A: 3.0v vs 3.7v for O-like lasers

    I'm expecting the arrival of two lasers from O-like: the Cute High power 300mW red laser torch and the 200 mW transformable green laser. Both lasers run on 3.7v CR-123A rechargeable batteries. Most of the CR-123A batteries I've seen available are 3.0V. Does anybody here know if the 3.0V...
  7. MassLaserGuy

    Turkeys and 532nm lasers

    We had a bunch of wild turkeys running around in the back yard this morning, and wondered how they'd respond to a green laser dot. Turns out, turkeys and lasers are a lot like cats and lasers - entertaining! See the HD video here. 4_czuaykWPw