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    My Very First Laser Build!!! --- 445nm, 2W (M140), my "Alternative" Laser Host, and Analysis of Build Cost!

    Firstly, I just want to say THANK YOU to this entire forum!!! I would not have been able to learn the specific information that enabled me to build something that I've always wanted to build! Thank you LPF, and all it's members, just for being there! ❤️ For a very, very long time, I had always...
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    Please Help with my Dummy Load design (SOLVED. Pics and write-up!)

    I am trying to simulate an M140 diode, and I would like to run it at exactly 1.8A. (The driver I'm using can supply up to 5A, so I fear the possibility of accidentally over-currenting my diode.) For Test/Dummy Load: Rectifiers: I will be using 10A10, because I have a ton of them already. (I...
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    Continuous wave?

    I have noticed most laser pointers are being powered with 100% duty cycle (always on) power supplies ( at least most constant current laser drivers that I've seen so far in my research). What is the reasoning for why lasers are not powered with PWM (at a high frequency so you don't see any...
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    Can I repurpose a cheap Ebay laser, to use it as a host? (My FIRST POST... yay!)

    Hi y'all I am considering buying a cheap green or red laser just for the host (the kind that uses an 18650, like 301/303 or "assassin"), then removing the diode or module and fitting a different one in there. But... Do you think it could work? Every time I search for hosts, they are all a...