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  1. Sumfinclever

    Shpongle & Tipper at Red Rocks next weekend?

    So first off I have some exciting news to share. My lovely lady and tied the knot today! The plan is to work until Wednesday, and then drive from Missouri to Denver for the final Shpongle show at red rocks. I figured I'd see if anyone else was planning to attend and if y'all had any...
  2. Sumfinclever

    Sea Sick Green 1W 525nm Build

    Not sure where I first saw the stainless sea sick (c6) hosts, but I love the look of them, and have been wanting to build in one ever since. So a few months ago, I ordered a pair of them, figuring I would get around to using them eventually. The other item on my want-to-do list was building a 1W...
  3. Sumfinclever

    Compact 465nm nubm07 build in 2AA host

    Wanted to share this mornings project. Really been wanting to build a compact 465nm pointer. The batteries arrived this morning, so I went ahead and put it together. Pics were with the lights on, but I hope to get some better beam shots this evening with cloudy weather rolling in. Defiant 2xAA...
  4. Sumfinclever

    Spent a weekend experimenting with stuffing M140s into pen hosts.

    I had fun with these, and learned a couple things. Killed one diode in the process R.I.P., but he didn't die in vain. I've always loved the idea of big power in a small package. Each unit is outputting 1300 to 1400mw with a single freshly charged 10440 cell. I happen to be sitting on a 'few'...
  5. Sumfinclever

    First 450nm penlight built from salvaged components

    So last year I bought a 4 pack of these little 2xAAA LED pen lights from home depot for like $10. The intention was to use the red and blue ones as laser hosts with diodes of the same respective colors. As other projects surfaced, these got put on the back burner until I had the parts. In the...
  6. Sumfinclever

    Lurker no longer... howdy y'all, I'm Sam from SW Missouri

    First off, thank you all for the invaluable collective knowledge and experience you have all shared here. I've been a member for a long time, but have never once posted. Admittedly I joined so that I could see photos and other content you have all shared. However, as I find myself delving...