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    Dragon Lasers Spartan 405 nm

    Thanks for the answers, Luke
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    Dragon Lasers Spartan 405 nm

    Hi there, I'd like to buy Dragon Lasers Spartan, Which one would have the best beam quality? I would prefer CR123A instead of 18650, anyone has 405 nm Spartan? Is the 0.5 mRAD real? I've got Opto RPL 450 before, but it was too big as EDC, Thanks, Luke
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    Optotronics - Best Service Ever

    Forgive my English, I know that everything about Optotronics was written here, but Jack is one of the best sellers I've ever met in my life. Without a doubt. When I lost my Premium Pointer, he offered me a great price for the RPL. Jack did everything I asked for even he really didn't have to. He...
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    USPS Problem. Advice?

    Don't worry, it's Christmas time, so they have a little chaos. One year ago I lost USPS tracking for about 2 weeks... The laser came a week after new year, I was sure I lost it... Good luck (:
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    Gray / JetLasers

    I know it was written many times here, but their customer service is best I have ever met, I'd like to thank Gray for all the patience with my order, this guy is really helpful, I think I was the worst customer ever (:
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    Hi there!

    I've been watching this forum for 5 years now... ...now it's time to write something (: Cheers from Europe!