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  1. SacredTanakh

    Source for chinese hosts?

    I'm looking for a source of some of the popular hosts that all of the Chinese companies are using. A few in particular so I can build a few lasers. Here is an example and has always been my favorite style of host: Oh and if you guys know of any decent companies that sell lasers in the host...
  2. SacredTanakh

    Interested in a 405

    So I have Green, Blue, and IR lasers. Next I was thinking of adding a violet laser to my collection. Ive been looking around and I was thinking of either asking someone on the forums to custom build me a nice 405, or buying one from a company online. I came across this recently, and it looked...
  3. SacredTanakh

    FiredragonII 300mw will not turn on.

    well my firedragon is already having issues. None of my 18650s are working, Ive tried like 8 of them. I think it might be the batteries because they are old samsung ICR18650-22b. Put them on the charger for about 6 hours. last night I tried one and it worked but was only about as bright as my...
  4. SacredTanakh

    Laser Shipping and Customs

    The Laser made it :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The story so far: So first off I bought a 300mw firedragon laser from rhd 15 days ago for 210$ shipped. Before anything else I'm not putting down rhd in any way, he seems like a great guy and...
  5. SacredTanakh

    Buying "Firedragon" 300mw 532nm (Deals done)

    EDIT: In contact with a seller right now. EDIT: Bought one from rhd for 210$ shipped :) Original Post: I'm hoping to find a 300mw 532nm firedragon laser. I saw them a little while back for about 150$.. I have 165$ and have been looking to get one for awhile, so I decided why not. Anyways the...
  6. SacredTanakh

    Green laser Shopping

    I've been looking for a nice green for my collection, so of course I looked around the forums and the net. As far as that goes I have found the style of laser I want and the power, the big question is where to buy it. The following have the style/host I want and the power: Firedragon-III 532nm...
  7. SacredTanakh

    1.2w 445nm yobresal build

    I bought a new 1.2w 445nm Yobresal build, on the forums from Yobresal. Recently it has been having trouble turning on though. I have been fairly careful to follow the duty cycle. Its strange sometimes when I hit the clicky it turns on sometimes it doesn't. more often then not it doesn't turn on...