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  1. game-genie

    10W Argon 500 USD

    Lexel Model 3500 10W Argon Laser w/ Power Supply bei eBay.de: Lighting Lasers (endet 01.11.09 03:12:19 MEZ) They do not guarantee that it work but semms to be in good condition... Anyone wanna risk it =P
  2. game-genie

    Are there any cheap manga/anime shops?

    I am looking for a manga/anime store . It should have that "DX" flair (Ultra cheap products etc.) and (if possible) free shipping. The only shop ive found so far is FrontWinner.com - Anime Products Wholesale Directly from China . (There only 2 things wrong: 1.You must ask for prices and 2.If...
  3. game-genie

    Nice HQ 12mm module host for 9$!

    Nice HQ 12mm module host+case+bat for 9$! Just found this for 9 usd: JasperLaser.com: Welcome! Enjoy game-genie
  4. game-genie

    Wtb phr-803t

    I need a PHR-803T (It doesnt matter if its only the diode or the diode in the sled). I live in Austria (Europe) and it should cost about 12usd inc. shipping. Thank you game-genie
  5. game-genie

    200mW Modle from O-like

    Hi guys! I just spotted this 180-200mw module at O-like: 200mW green laser diode module£*>5¡«500mW green laser module£*>Laser&lighting products£*>www.0-like.com Since there is a 5.6mm pump diode used i wanted to ask if its even possible to get so much 532nm out ? Since Susies modules most of...
  6. game-genie

    Need help with setting current on a Driver!

    Before I begin: Thats my first time getting into electronics , I´m pretty good in soldering and stuff but i never did anything with electronics ^^ So please be patient with me ;-] I bought a 120mW+ Module from susie a while ago and after desoldering the button on the PCB i managed it to destroy...
  7. game-genie

    New ads in threads.

    Today I realised that between the first and the second post there isnt only the Stonetek ad , which never really disturbed me , but also a huge google ad : http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ads-.-m11v.jpg And sometimes there is just ... nothing...
  8. game-genie

    Measuring laser output without a LPM

    I copied this from DX: My simple question is: Does this work? Regards game-genie
  9. game-genie

    The Dilda army attacks !!

    O-like now has 5 different Dildas O_o 650 nm 200 mW (http://www.o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=926) 808 nm 200 mW (http://www.o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=924) 780 nm 120 mW (http://www.o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=945) 980 nm 65 mW (http://www.o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=946) 405 nm 80 mW...
  10. game-genie

    I can´t make my decision...

    Hi ! I have ~200Usd left and i need a 532nm Laser with an Output of 100mW+. It should be stable and non Pen style! I have a host from my broken New-wish here , would be a Module from O-like good? (http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=886) Or is there another possibility in that pricerange? I...
  11. game-genie

    How to rep. someone?

    I want to rep. someone but i dont know how.. The board faq and search doesnt give me any answers :-( regards game
  12. game-genie

    Need little help with saftey googles

    Hey LPF Members! I want to protect my eyes 8-) I need saftey googels for 405nm-808nm! I want to Purchase them at www.dragonlasers.com or another website with good prices... So should i take: SKU LSG02...