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  1. LA5ER

    FS or trade: Compaq DLP projector

    I have been seeing that you people like projectors and I had one that I don't use anymore. I want to trade it for any dependable green laser greater than 100mW. The projector is a "Compaq MP-1400 DLP projector". It WORKS FANTASTIC. USE IT TO DISPLAY VIDEOS OF LASER SHOWS on your wall or...
  2. LA5ER

    California laser owners

    Have you people ever shined a laser into the night sky, obviously when there are no aircraft around? I plan on shining at stars and taking some awesome pictures... But i dont want to have cops show up at my house. TL;DR should i shine my laser (100 mw green) into the sk:undecided:y at all in...
  3. LA5ER

    Why so much hate on lasers?

    I personally never heard or known about a kid ( NOT AN ADULT , PILOT ETC...!!!!) getting permanently blinded by a laser! I HAVE heard about people getting eye damage though....BUT i know once a KID gets hurt here in USA, they will be outlawed! So lets not have a kid blinded by a laser EVER...