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    Green Laser Pointer SD/YGI/JD/HY-303

    If you buy any 532nm laser pointer for 5.45 then its luck of the draw weather you get one that works ok or get one that dosent work well or fails quickly.
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    Need some blue laser purchasing advice

    @redcowboy I totally agree the last thing this hobby needs is some young kid buying a cheap 1 watt laser not knowing anything about it then blinding himself.
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    Need some blue laser purchasing advice

    Ive built a few myself and the price is a little more but the quality is also higher as has already been said. Ive recently purchased one of them lasers of ebay and dont expect it to be amazing but i like the host and plan on making a copper heatsink and running a pltb450b diode with a xdrive...
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    best multimode diode in regards to beam specs help.

    Ive been researching to find a multimode 445-462nm with the best divergence and i think ive made my mind up on the pltb450b but if anyone knows of any with better beam specs im happy to use a different diode thanks.
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    True IIIa ~515nm Pointer???

    Maybe but the simplest host to fit them in is a survival lasers c6/s4 or a budget beams 501b bud.
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    How powerful are foreign shop lasers?

    I decided to buy one of the ndg4216 515nm diodes of Jordan at dtr its running at 350ma and around 140mw. I have to say i really love this laser i put it in a c6 host and cant get enough, the colour and divergence are awesome. I would recommend one highly plus Jordan can set the power to whatever...
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    driver help

    It was me soldered the battery wires the wrong way round i cant believe i made this mistake serves me right for rushing late at night.
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    driver help

    Hi yes sorry for the test load i used 6 IN5404 diodes and a 1ohm 5 watt resistor i linked the diodes up all in the same direction with the resistor on one end. The driver is from odicforce it says 1.6 amp boost driver cost £9.50 part number ofl230. I soldered diode wires to the driver i then...
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    driver help

    I purchased a adjustable boost driver for a 445nm build but iv'e hit a problem, when i connected it up to a test load it blew a chip and smoked badly. I just made the test load and it's soldered fine and exactly the same as all the ones iv'e seen it's got me stumped help appreciated.
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    How to clean a Diode?

    Can you use acetone on a lense? Ive nearly used all my alchohol but got a lot of acetone. Could it damage the coating?
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    Removing Diode from heatsink

    If any body needs to remove a direct press fit diode ive found the hollow extendable tube from a old tv ariel to work rather well.
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    3.56W 445 Laser on ebay

    I purchased my first laser from this seller, wasn't very happy with it if im honest had taped wires and a dry solder and defonatley under spec.
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    Hey guys what's up :)

    Hi and welcome.