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    My 6W 445nm Laser!!!

    I'm so sorry..... I usually search for something that interest me and post what I want to say, I don't really look how old is the original post...... Is that so serious?
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    My 6W 445nm Laser!!!

    I have a Nichia NUBM44 (6W 445nm) blue laser diode and I don't have in my country where to buy a driver for it. Could you PLEASE help me to build a driver? I have been following your youtube videos and seems like you know A LOT...... Sorry for bordering Thanks
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    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    :gj: TY....
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    Gratings to all I'm Marcelo, from Brasil and a lover of Electronics and lasers.... I'm graduated in Computer Sciences and I read and studies EVERYTHING I come across related to electronics and technologist. Still much to learn... Regrets
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    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    where should I post the introduction?
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    Just out of curiosity is there a max temp rating for a NUBM44 ?

    Here is a Specs Sheet... If anyone has a project for a driver, I would appreciate....
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    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    I am trying to build a driver for my Nichia NUBM44 but I can't find any schematics online. Can anyone help?