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    Advice on part selection for 3w 808nm custom setup

    Hello again. Nothing irresponsible here. Uncle is a retired engineer and likes cool stuff like this. Wanted to give him something I'd made myself. I actually looked st Jet Lasers for inspiration. Where my understanding has fallen short is one what is a gold choice in diode for this project. I...
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    Advice on part selection for 3w 808nm custom setup

    Hey all, Planning on building a laser for a relative. He is the expert enthusiast and I have a sense of what he is after. I found a member here to make a nice matte black host that he wanted. Need input on my diode, lens, driver heatsink setup. I was thinking one of these diodes...
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Looking to commision two separate parts. My uncle is a laser enthusiast and for his birthday I wanted to get him a handheld he described. My electrical knowledge is fuzzy, but I am a passable solderer, and should be able to manage. Hopefully I can find a prewired diode/lens/driver module and a...