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    Would like opinions please

    The PLE pro looks and sounds to be a really good laser but I am concerned the physical size might be a bit to carry all day on a daily basis. The sanwu suggestion looks promising and will try and find more on the nichia 515 diode laser. Have only found the diode so far and would have to build...
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    Would like opinions please

    150 U.S. Dollars, sorry for not being clear. I am in Canada but most internet prices are dealt with in U.S. Currency. I would be willing to go a bit over if it meant a laser that would last longer. thanks for the replies.
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    Would like opinions please

    I work in industrial construction settings usually in remote areas. My previous laser (wicked lasers) was stolen from my desk and I have had to use a cheap no name laser for a couple days. I never realized how much I used it but the cheap back up only lasted two days. I had good luck with my...