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    Geek Phones - Verizon?? What would you recommend

    Basically, it's about time I replace my old cell phone. It's missing a battery case, has a crack in the plastic, and for christ sake it doesn't even play videos! In a perfect world I would definitely get an iphone, but leaving verizon is not an option. "hacking" a phone to work on a CDMA...
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    Looking for assembly service - Paying

    Due to health problems I've given up most of my laser hobby, but still have some unused parts laying around I wanted to put to use. I have a bluray sled (803t), an original kenom barrel, and 5 un-assembled BlueFusion blueray/red drivers. I would like to send all these to someone and receive a...
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    Nova lasers, lately below par?

    I ordered a nova x-100 with some accessories (Who can resist the optics holder....) on the first of december. I paid for second day delivery. I understand that i am starting to complain because it is just a couple days late, but what has been really bothering me is their service department...
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    WTB: CR123 Batts

    I've got no local source for CR123's (except for $15 a piece from radioshack) Was wondering if any member would be willing to send me a few at a fair price, or point me in a good direction. Thanks in advance!
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    WANTED: LM317 Based Driver

    Anyone here up for selling a LM317 based driver at a decent price (via paypal)? Shipping to the united states PM me and we could discuss this further i guess.
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    DX Black Tipped Matches - 10 boxes 3$ shipped

    Figured alot of you would want to buy these, free shipping for 10 boxes full of black tipped matches. and the boxes are WOOD! Anyways... yeah... heres el linkò http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.3893
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    Another banned from LC - for PM's

    Proof that LC reads ALL your pm's. In a PM i mentioned how crappy wicked lasers is and i get banned :( Thats a bit over the top i think.