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    Question about 301 Lasers

    So I just got a 532nm 303 and a 650nm 301 laser and while the 303 is working perfectly I'm having problems with the 301. Basically I want to focus it into a small dot but the focusing lens is causing a bunch of problems. It moves around and rattles even though my 303 is fine. Is mine just...
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    Hello from California

    Hi my names Mark and I like playing with high voltages and now I wanna become familiar with lasers!
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    Looking to buy a crappy green pointer 50mw+

    So I'm looking for a cheap green pointer with my main concern being a beautiful beam. I couldn't possibly care less about burning but I wouldn't mind being able to pop balloons. Preferably under $20 and like I said I don't really care too much about quality, as long as it works. I generally am...