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  1. toutan

    I made a 7W blue laser with a host purchased from trinh hong phuoc.

    I made a 7W blue laser with a host purchased from Trinhhong. I am not good at English, so my English may be wrong. Please note. This video is in Japanese, but if you like Please subscribe to the channel. I sometimes post videos of such laser pointers to YOUTUBE. Thank you for watching. The...
  2. toutan

    smartphone cradle Laser Parts.

    I made a stand for smartphones using laser parts. y07KTU-Ik-8&feature=youtu.be
  3. toutan

    Gball lens remove

    I take it off, and please tell me the one
  4. toutan

    stenless host 3500mw Bluelaser

    I purchased this host from Jufran 88. And we built a 3 W blue laser. YOTUBE URL is pasted on the lower side, so please have a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vvlU83Rg14
  5. toutan

    LPM digital voltmeter

    I am looking for this voltmeter. Please tell us where you can purchase
  6. toutan

    Electric Plasma custom host Build

    Using Electric Plasma custom host, I built a 6W blue laser. I purchased a 25mm module from DTR shop. To a custom host head of 25mm had make a hole. The earthed line sandwiched it between a 25mm module and hosts. The contact board composed by itself by oneself and attached it with an epoxy...
  7. toutan

    one battery driver.

    I am looking for a driver working with one battery. Electric currents more than 3A~4A This driver does not seem to be sold for a long time.
  8. toutan

    LED Flashlight Collecting head

    YS CUSTOM (ƒ�ƒCƒGƒXƒJƒXƒ^ƒ€) CANNON ƒJƒmƒ“ �WŒõƒwƒbƒh ŒƒˆÀ‰¿Ši”Ì”„�FƒAƒJƒŠƒZƒ“ƒ^�[ Is there the lens which light condenses like a laser pointer?
  9. toutan

    sinner custom host 5300mw Bluelaser

    sMEZxxVWg8Q&feature=youtu.be RqbvyXreAFE&feature=youtu.be sinner custom host 5300mw Bluelaser Beam Expander. I am not good at English. Because you cannot explain it well, look at an animation.
  10. toutan

    3700mw Bluelaser

    ????????????X900BM |????????????????? It is the shop of a laser pointer sold for Japan. Is there the shop selling a laser pointer of 3700mw elsewhere?
  11. toutan

    50W lasergun

    I want to know a method to make such a laser. What will the necessary parts be?
  12. toutan

    5700mw 7A75 Diode Blue Laser

    -ltflk10Gug&feature sinner Cypreus 26650 host. http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs-cypreus-iii-custom-1x26650-dual-sxb-mount-20amp-switch-89812.html Dual SXB-Driver 4.4A This host is very heavy, but is a very superior host. Sinner is a very good seller. Thank you!!
  13. toutan

    review 1600mw NDG7475 1W 520nm

    I'm bad at English so I'm using translation software. The heat sink was produced by a hand of Mr. Flaminpyro. His heat sink, precision of the focus adapter are very splendid. Mr. DTR is a very good seller. Because I do not understand English well, I may not return an answer to the comment...
  14. toutan


    What do you think of this light? Because it has not been yet commercialized, I cannot obtain it.
  15. toutan

    custom host

  16. toutan

    Magic stick V3

    Hi. I purchased magic stick V3 from Mr. Sinner. Look at the image of the finished blue laser. Thank you, Mr. Sinner :thanks:
  17. toutan

    Dragon Laser Hulk IR Filter deletion

    There is an IR filter→377mw IR Filter deletion→488mw
  18. toutan

    Dragon laser Hulk

    Dragon Laser Hulk 300mw
  19. toutan

    BIG copper Heatsink

    Hello. I had Mr. Flaminpyro make a copper heat sink. It is a very big heat sink. Blue laser2.4W BIG Copper Heatsink - YouTube Thank you for Mr. Flaminpyro.
  20. toutan

    SUPER FREAK 2.7W Blue laser

    Hello. I obtained a splendid diode from DTR shop. SUPER FREAK Blue Laser 2.7W - YouTube To see this animation, how do you think? Diode: M140 lens : G-2 Driver :custom Driver1.75A 16340 battery×2 I thank for DTR very much. Thank you, DTR