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    405nm 500mW engraver laser module

    Hi everyone. I want to ask you about true output power of laser engraver module. I bought this laser module. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32562052620.html It should be a 500mW power laser, but if i am measured a input current so it was only 290mA, when i turn off laser by a TTL, so input...
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    verified green laser 303

    Good day. Has someone good seller with Green lasers 303? i want to buy one good piece, but i have afraid that i will buy bad piece. I will be glad if someone send me verified link on green laser 303, thanks. ebay, ali...., etc thanks
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    Source code for stepper motors

    Hi friends. I would like build laser with stepper motor. I have everything except program for processor. I know to programming, but i don't know how i have to write program for stepper for different patterns. I use PIC18F46K22 this is not important, i know to modify whatever source code for my...
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    where i can buy a front surface mirrors?

    Hi. Where i can buy a front surface mirrors? I need for laser projector with stepper motors. Some rectangle pieces 1cm x 3cm. thanks
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    Xbox360 dt0811

    hi. a few years ago, i bought this lasers. but i'm made mistake. i bought this: XBOX360 HD-DVD 405nm Diode Lens DT0811 - xbox360 Laser Drvices - website closed for update some lasers, i'm sold, and some i have. it's possible do with them good laser? how output mW they have? thanks.
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    how to control stepper motors in laser projector

    HI. I want to build my own laser projector with stepper motors. i want to use microprocessor, i know to write program in C, but i have a little problem. i don't know, how i have to do control stepper motors. I will be use unipollar stepper motor from 5,25" mechanics, 3,6° angle (yes, i know that...
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    blue laser from DX

    Hi. i am bought this blue+red laser. Night Sky's Stars 100mW Blue + 80mW Red Laser Stage Lighting Projector w/ Tripod (AC 100~240V) - Worldwide Free Shipping - DX and blue laser is very nice and adequate for my requirement. where i could buy this laser??thanks...
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    RED laser from DVD-RW

    hi. i am dismantled today a DVD-RW how much current i have use for red laser and how much i have use for infrared laser. thanks.