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  1. Stadsjaap

    Blue balloons resistant against blue laser

    Hi, I've been doing some experiments with range popping of balloons with a 1000mW 450nm blue and I've found blue balloons to be highly resistant, even at close range. This has been consistent, too. One of them took 37 SECONDS to pop! Does this hold for lasers of different colous (ie, red...
  2. Stadsjaap

    18650 or 2x 16340 batteries

    Hi, My 1W blue came with two feeble 880 mAh 3.6V 16340 batteries and other manufacturers don't seem to go much higher than that mAh rating. I'm wondering if it's possible to swap the two 16340's for a single 18650, which has a higher mAh rating. My concern is that they're inserted end on end...