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  1. 405nanoMatt

    1w 405nm pointer build.

    The module is press fit into the host with copper shims I made from flashing material and finished with a little 2 part epoxy
  2. 405nanoMatt

    1w 405nm pointer build.

    Made this from the UV flashlight that came with a glue kit.
  3. 405nanoMatt

    Can an LED light source be used to pump a laser ?

    Just wondering if anyone had ever heard of lasers that used an led light source to pump a dye or cavity?
  4. 405nanoMatt


    Harvested these from a hair regrow gimmick headpiece I found at goodwill today for 2$ .21 at least 5 mw 655nm red diodes for 2$ is pretty good I think.
  5. 405nanoMatt

    Vintage lamp laser fun craft time

    I love it !
  6. 405nanoMatt


    The goblin
  7. 405nanoMatt


  8. 405nanoMatt


    That’s awesome I have been thinking about attempting an hene
  9. 405nanoMatt


    Nice ! What mw ?
  10. 405nanoMatt


    Blue and green Nichias.
  11. Green


    Green lasers
  12. C09AC045-2661-42E9-81AF-3C309E5BE167.jpeg


  13. 7CD77990-57F5-48F3-970A-1003C7F655AD.jpeg


  14. E2029AF5-C1AA-4A14-9D5F-D4E50E1D7C81.jpeg


  15. 3D97F8D8-63BF-4E89-8FB5-9CD2F2987D2A.jpeg


  16. 405nanoMatt

    Green wolf

    Eye upgrade on the wolf.
  17. 405nanoMatt

    Green wolf

    A Frankenstein of a laser !
  18. 405nanoMatt

    The dragon !

    New accessory to the dragon.
  19. 405nanoMatt

    Green laser flashlight mod

    I made this attachment with a green scarab from a bracelet I got at goodwill .The scarab is glued to a small circular neodymium magnet with a hole in the middle and just magnetically adheres to the end of my diode diffusing the light into a led like output.With the scarab in place the laser...
  20. 405nanoMatt

    1,6W 525nm green laser diode

    I believe I have one of these gball 1.6 w diodes I have it ina streamlight protac 90 with an 800 mah 14500 and it easily sets leaves on fire and lights cigarette s in less than 6 seconds