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  1. Crazlaser

    WTB 980nm 800mw Laserbtb key type laser

    Hey guys it's been a while. I was wondering if anyone has an identical laser to the one I sold in the link below, for sale. I have been wanting to get one for a while and regretting getting rid of that one. I've had Jetlasers before as well and I know they're good, but I didn't want to drop 240...
  2. Crazlaser

    looking to buy laserbtb 980nm laser.

    Hi, I used to own a 980nm laser btb 800mw laser but I sold it a few years ago and was wondering if anyone has one that I could buy now since I have a use for it. The kind with the key and switch. Thanks Sean
  3. Crazlaser

    Car problems

    Hi guys, haven't been on here in a long time. I still have a few lasers but had to sell most of them. Anyways right now I'm having car problems. I have a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse gt and right now both banks in the engine are running rich, codes p0172 and p0175. Looked at the long term fuel trim...
  4. Crazlaser

    goggles for eclipse?

    Hey guys, I tried searching but no luck. Can I use my 190-540, 800-2000nm goggles OD 4 for eclipse viewing? Partial eclipse where I am? I'm guessing not, I ordered some cheap NASA certified ones.
  5. Crazlaser

    I broke my phone, lots of lasers for sale

    Hi guys, as title says my phone broke, time to sell lasers. I'll probably buy a few more lasers when I come into some money. Right now what I have to sell are as follows. Laserbtb infrared laser, 800mw 980nm laser. Works fine, runs on 1x16340 battery, has key. I'll sell for $75, it cost me...
  6. Crazlaser

    am I actually seeing IR light?

    So I was bored today and started playing with my 800mw 980nm laser. I noticed in darkness I can see a dark grayish blue dot on the wall at close range if I move the laser slowly. Other than this the laser is not visible. Am I actually seeing the 980nm light? I have been lead to believe only...
  7. Crazlaser

    Some pics today with a DSLR!

    Here are some pics of my laser collection and beam pics. Nikon D3400 :D :lasergun:
  8. Crazlaser

    The Home Made Beamstop

    So lately I've been doing all sorts of burning and focusing experiments with lasers, and it's been too cold outside to be there comfortably for long. So I've been using some of my lasers inside more. I usually mount them in the clamps and put them on tripods. So I decided to make a homemade beam...
  9. Crazlaser

    Fs 16x bdr-209 c6

    For sale is a brand new build. It's a 405nm 16X BDR-209. Driver is set to 530ma so you should expect a long life. Based off DTR specs, this should give more than 850mw with G2 lens. (can be purchased from DTR). Great burner. Single mode. Super good divergence. Purple anodized aluminum heatsink...
  10. Crazlaser

    looking for cheap 470-500nm LED diode

    Looking for 470nm-500nm led flashlight diode and suitable driver. Trying to build a light blue flashlight for under $15. Preferably over 100 lm but will take any suggestions. I tried fasttech and couldn't find anything except a 455nm diode. Does anyone have any ideas for a driver for this...
  11. Crazlaser

    FS Sci-fi laser 501b 1.2w 445nm 1.25a

    For sale is a Sci-fi laser 501b 1.2w 445nm. The driver is from survival laser set to 1.25a. I've replaced the driver three times because of inserting the batteries backwards. Fortunately this driver costs $5. :D Takes two 16340's but I think 18350s might fit better I don't have any though. 3...
  12. Crazlaser

    FS 800mw 980nm Laserbtb HL

    $120 shipped. Conus. This is great for experiments. For sale is a H980L-800B laser. It's from Laserbtb. I don't have an LPM but the rated power is 800mw. It can burn dark objects, even leaves when focused. Leather can be burned from a foot or two away when unfocused. Goggles really are...
  13. Crazlaser

    Trying to find aa sized lions that can ouput 1.5 volts

    Hi guys I've been searching for a while for this. Can someone help me find a AA battery that is high drain like the lion cells we use but is 1.5 volts. Also could this type work in a nitecore charger. My dad needs this for a camera that takes double A's but it drains too fast. Thanks for any help.
  14. Crazlaser

    50mw of 532 and 250mw of 650 makes yellow!

    I just wanted to post pictures of what happens when you mix green and red, you get synthetic yellow! No dichro or knife edge here. ;) :D
  15. Crazlaser

    FS 638nm 700mw Oclaro in C6 host

    I will take a post pictures later but most people know what a c6 host looks like. For sale is a 700mw 638nm Oclaro laser in a C6 host with 3 element glass lens from DTR. C6 host, pill and contact board from Survival Laser. The heat sink is red anodized aluminum. There is a safety sticker from...
  16. Crazlaser

    LPF's Favorite Christmas Songs

    Hey LPF, I'm wondering what your favorite Christmas songs are. A few of my favorites are: All I want for Christmas is you- Mariah Carey Same Auld Lang Syne- Dan Fogelberg It's the most wonderful time of the year-Andy Williams Merry Christmas Everyone
  17. Crazlaser

    What's up with Proxima Centauri b

    Let's talk about Proxima Centauri b. I've been hearing talk lately about sending microprobes to this newly found planet using lasers. Supposedly several people including Stephen Hawking have decided to spend $100 million dollars developing these probes that will travel at 134 million miles per...
  18. Crazlaser

    FS NUBM44 450nm 6+watt project box build

    Recently after seeing the NUBM44 for sale I decided I needed to try it out and see how good of a burner it is. However, now I'm more interested in something more compact. I'm considering buying a Sanwu silver series of 3 watts blue, because I want something more compact and laser like. So I'm...
  19. Crazlaser

    what's the best nighttime camera for ~<$230

    Hey guys, can someone help me find a camera. I'm looking for a camera under $230 or so, that can take pictures of stars and the moon, lasers and nighttime shots and has manual long time exposure settings. I know that's a tight budget, but I already have a good tripod. I know that little a mount...
  20. Crazlaser

    can an IR dot cause afterimage or damage

    Hi guys, obviously if you stare at a bright visible light source you will get after image. That is, if you stare at the dot of a 445 or 532nm laser on a wall your eyes won't feel well. What happens if you do the same with an IR laser. I don't want to find out but I'm curious; does it cause...