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  1. icecruncher

    Looks like a cool book that might be up our alley, anyone read it?

    Saw this book on amazon while looking for the Bill Benner book on laser scanners - its called: Lasers, Death Rays, and the Long, Strange Quest for the Ultimate Weapon I don't have it any was wondering if it had anything that might be interesting or fun...
  2. icecruncher

    Build a $10 burning laser

    $10 Burning Laser pointer 200-300mw 660nm 1 min duty cycle SO you want a cheap burning laser - here it is the least expensive burning laser you can build - only $10 for the parts. BUT, please read this entirely first though! Cost $2.50 Diode. (10x) (Single $3.50)...
  3. icecruncher

    The ABSOLUTE Cheapest Proper Diode driver

    Fooling around with some old LOC reds and some of the $2.50 reds off Ebay. I didn't want to spend for a pricey driver. SO, here is the minimum AMC7135 driver. It will give 350ma on a 10440 AAA or any single cell rechargeable. It doesn't need heatsink and although the diode will get warm after a...
  4. icecruncher

    Whatever happened to revisions of this host?

    Back in 2014 there was a great host produced in a group buy. I bought 3 of them and a few others did also. I haven't seen one single laser from this host online. I also haven't seen any revisions or subsequent group buys. They had a massive Copper heatsink and were designed for a single 18650...
  5. icecruncher

    Bunch of stuff on PL that might interest some.

    Hope this doesn't violate any rules on here, but There is a thread over on PL with a number of items for sale. They are a laser company (LIVE laser systems) in Austria that appears to have fallen on bad times and are selling some of their backroom products. What caught my attention was the 594...
  6. icecruncher

    What is a Penta Prism?

    Can anyone explain, in simple terms, what a penta prism is and how it is used? I read the specs but I'm apparently still not sure of the way it works.
  7. icecruncher

    ZKZM-500 Chinas new laser gun

    Anyone know much about this? https://www.cnet.com/news/chinas-new-laser-powered-rifle-can-literally-set-you-on-fire/?ftag=CAD-04-10aae4g&bhid=19105024983717265870799365823790...
  8. icecruncher

    Wicked laser - laser dock

    Just got email on this Not a lot of info - anyone know what this is? Wicked.Laser new product - laser dock that syncs to your music. :(
  9. icecruncher

    My newest collection

    Here are the three lasers from my newest "collection" They are all Class IV and above 1 watt Beam shots to follow 1.2 watt Green 520 NDG7475 w/G2 1 watt Red Mitsu 500 w/G9 (terrible beam spec) 2 watt M140 Blue 445 w/G9 They all have voltage monitors attached Two are variations of the...
  10. icecruncher

    Does this driver exist, or something like it?

    There was a thread posted several years ago http://laserpointerforums.com/f67/ddl-evolution-quest-single-cell-linear-red-driver-ic-62025.html I'm looking for a driver that meets this spec. Preferably without going to a $20-25 Flexdrive on a $3 diode I have a bunch and I would like to mount...
  11. icecruncher

    Slowest/Longest time to become a veteran (1000 posts)

    Well this is Post 1000! I am sure I hold the record on the SLOWEST time to reach 1000 posts. But that just means I have a longer attention span than most. Since I don't remember a welcome section when I joined the forum, consider this my intro After 7+ years, I own more lasers than I ever...
  12. icecruncher

    New and interesting news from SELEM that you missed. :)

    Yesterday and today there were lots of news items in various lectures. Three that may particularly appeal to some of the members on here. 1. X-Lasers new driver Up to 5 amps. Not for handhelds, 2v overhead needed. Should be out in next couple months. Perfect for labs and Projectors 2...
  13. icecruncher

    My new Gas this year.

    This is going to be my third major Gas laser within a year and its a good one. +4mw 612nm HeNe At last years SELEM, I pick up a SP-127 from Mariomaster and brought it home, it's doing about 40mw and very happy. I run it about once a week or every other. A few months later I was watching on...
  14. icecruncher

    Big Bang Theory S07E05 - Laser Balloon Popping

    OK, if you've seen the latest Big bang theory. At the very end they pop a ballon with a laser. I'm thinking it's bogus the way it's presented. They have a laser breadboard on a cart with a power supply, and two wires running to a head. Definitely looks like a HeNe. It puts out a green beam...
  15. icecruncher

    How many lasers running at your house?

    Am I the only one doing this. I'm all hyped about the Lasos I'm picking up this weekend. So I got all my lasers out (other than handhelds) and started turning them on. Just for fun and just to see them running. So, it's 6pm I have to leave by 7pm and what do I have running right now...
  16. icecruncher

    Kenom and taking my money!

    First. let me explain my situation. I sent Kenom almost $300 for hosts a couple years ago which I have documented in notes on the paypal payment I sent that outlines EXACTLY how much and for what I was sending the money. The Groove took a year to produce and I received it (Good enough) The...
  17. icecruncher

    Jayrob Stubby XM-L T6

    Quick review on XM-L T6 Maglite stubby http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-1000-lumen-xm-l-t6-maglite-mod-voltage-monitor-parts-complete-light-59581.html I've been looking for a while to make a "ray gun" with a laser or flashlight, so I decided to settle on this for now. I had him build me a...
  18. icecruncher

    Fractured thumb and no reply

    11-9-11 I fractured my thumb in a hit and run accident. I've been out of work since and finally got back to work this past week. As a result, I've spent some time to try and clean up some loose ends on various forums I'm on. Kenom owes me over $200.00 on this forum for beasts I have paid and...
  19. icecruncher

    If you bought the green ebay 2mw hene - read this

    For those that bought the ebay #200650363038 green 2mw HeNe bare tube. If you are looking for an AC brick style power supply check out this one ebay #200656277367 Melles Griot Helium-Neon Laser 632nm 15mw | eBay This is a 380T power supply which is hard to find and works perfectly with the...
  20. icecruncher

    Argon 40MLA

    Here is one of the Argon 40MLA lasers I picked up a couple weeks ago. Still trying to get the other one to work. Put it next to my BLM-100 to see difference in color I'm getting 7 lines on the Argon and +50mw. Yeah!