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  1. Crazlaser

    WTB 980nm 800mw Laserbtb key type laser

    Looks like they do, but too expensive for me right now. I'd go for jetlaser at that price. edit: I believe I found who has it, he wants $400 plus shipping.
  2. Crazlaser

    WTB 980nm 800mw Laserbtb key type laser

    I believe the name is SOSDD, I have pm'd him. Thanks for the welcome.
  3. Crazlaser

    WTB 980nm 800mw Laserbtb key type laser

    Hey guys it's been a while. I was wondering if anyone has an identical laser to the one I sold in the link below, for sale. I have been wanting to get one for a while and regretting getting rid of that one. I've had Jetlasers before as well and I know they're good, but I didn't want to drop 240...
  4. Crazlaser

    looking to buy laserbtb 980nm laser.

    Hi, I used to own a 980nm laser btb 800mw laser but I sold it a few years ago and was wondering if anyone has one that I could buy now since I have a use for it. The kind with the key and switch. Thanks Sean
  5. Crazlaser

    Car problems

    It's an automatic unfortunately, but the transaxle is brand new because the last one failed. It has around 97k miles on it. I think I'm just going to take it to my local shop I use. The time diagnosing this thing as a diy repairman isn't worth it.
  6. Crazlaser

    LPF Upgrade

    The rep is gone, wow. I haven't seen this place in over a year.
  7. Crazlaser

    Car problems

    Hi guys, haven't been on here in a long time. I still have a few lasers but had to sell most of them. Anyways right now I'm having car problems. I have a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse gt and right now both banks in the engine are running rich, codes p0172 and p0175. Looked at the long term fuel trim...
  8. Crazlaser

    Nature Shots

    Where is the red shading coming from? I really like that cherry red color.
  9. Crazlaser

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Late Thanksgiving guys from the east coast.
  10. Crazlaser

    stenless host 3500mw Bluelaser

    Really nice build. I'm in favor of shiny hosts. :D
  11. Crazlaser

    All SOLD Thanks for your interest!

    Re: 10 well priced lasers SALE Are these all 445nm or any higher wavelength besides the red? Sorta interested.
  12. Crazlaser

    goggles for eclipse?

    I want to view it directly. I'm not looking for alternative solutions, I already know those. I'm just wondering if what I proposed would or would not work.
  13. Crazlaser

    goggles for eclipse?

    Hey guys, I tried searching but no luck. Can I use my 190-540, 800-2000nm goggles OD 4 for eclipse viewing? Partial eclipse where I am? I'm guessing not, I ordered some cheap NASA certified ones.
  14. Crazlaser

    I broke my phone, lots of lasers for sale

    Pm'd you yesterday.
  15. Crazlaser

    Reputation system: meaning & value

    I'm thinking of few of you guys might be approaching 100k by the end of the year, maybe a million rep in two or three years......lol :p
  16. Crazlaser

    carbon dioxide laser cutting ice

    welcome back ixfd64!
  17. Crazlaser

    Anything wrong with eBay lasers? :(

    I have like 6 cheap pens and they all work fine but they break if you drop them.
  18. Crazlaser

    Reputation system: meaning & value

    lmao rep inflation is getting hilarious
  19. Crazlaser

    I broke my phone, lots of lasers for sale

    (sold) I broke my phone, lots of lasers for sale Laser sold to SOSDD. thanks!
  20. Crazlaser

    I broke my phone, lots of lasers for sale

    :bumpit: on the IR laser 800mw