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  1. Lifetime17

    Sanwu Beam Expander Adapters

    Hi LPF, Her is a better adapter for the Sanwu beam Expander . manipulation is far easier than the tiny ones that Sanwu sells. Can machine different diameters and powder coat also. Trying to make this great hobby better. Thanks for looking. Rich:)
  2. Lifetime17

    What do you think???

    Hi LPF, Started a host of something different, a hexagon shaped host. Had a small piece laying around I purchased some time back . It holds 2X18350 batteries , needs some powder coating last. Rich:)
  3. Lifetime17

    What size DTR modules ???

    Hi LPF , I need to know what size DTR copper module would be the most preferred in a host heat sink. 12mm, 20mm or 25mm DTR copper modules. The host sizes will be 1X18650 or 2X18350 and 1 and 2 x 26650 cells We all know that DTR has no stock in the 20mm modules, he only has the aluminum back...
  4. Lifetime17

    Has anybody hear from GSS

    Hi, Haven't seen GSS on the forum in a while . Has anybody heard from him?? Rich:)
  5. Lifetime17

    How did you folks do with snow in the North East

    Hi LPF, We all know moving snow is a problem for most. Lets see some pic and comment about your dealings with this North Eastern . Rich:)
  6. Lifetime17

    Something different....

  7. Lifetime17

    Thernally controlled heat plate for laser banks

    Hi LPF, I had this heat plate hanging around for a while just used it on a bank of 06's. Now the melting point for Indium is 156.6 C / 313.9 F' I started the removal process at 7:00AM at that setting after an hour no go. So I gradually kept increasing the heat by 10 C , the bottom line is that...
  8. Lifetime17

    Sept 11 to remember

    Hi LPF Today is a day to remember all the folks that have fallen due to the twin towers 9/11 . Give a hats off to all the emergencey EMT's Police and Firefighters that gave their lives on this day. Rich:)
  9. Lifetime17

    G8 Solution ???

    Hi, Made this adapter for the G8 focal point , I dont have a G8 lens at the moment for testing . Just a thought... Rich:)
  10. Lifetime17

    Lets do some pets

    Hi LPF, Lets see some of your pets, big or small show them all !!! Rich:)
  11. Lifetime17

    HAPPY Memorial Day LPF...

    HI, LPF Have a great Memorial Day despite the circumstances now a days. Be safe have a good time.. And remember who this day is for. 🇺🇸✌ Rich:)
  12. Lifetime17

    Happy Easter LPF

    Hi Everyone . Happy Easter to all may your day go well above all the chaos thats going on in the world today. Be safe and enjoy .. Rich:)
  13. Lifetime17

    Carbon Fiber Wrap Hosts

    Hi LPF, Here is a prototype of a 2X18350 AL host with Carbon Fiber wrap in Black. There will be Green ,Blue and Red carbon fiber wraps coming soon. My host will be machined different compared to the pics shown. Much larger heat sinking... Thanks for looking.. Rich:)
  14. Lifetime17


    Hi LPF , Please laugh at all the stuff going on in the world today. Its just another virus . The CDC has a site with all the former viruses in the USA. Rich:)► 6:27
  15. Lifetime17

    Daylight Savings Time.

    Hi Folks, What is your opinions on this Daylight Saving Time change. Do we really need it?? Personally I think its old and out of date and no longer required. Many states dont observe it , so should congress vote and scrub it?? Rich:)
  16. Lifetime17

    5.6mm no press 12mm DTR modules

    Hi LPF, Tell me what is with the new no press 5.6mm / 12mm copper modules that DTR has on his site. No pics or info how they work for us. Maybe im missing something , please clarify. There are no drop downs boxes for the regular 5.6mm modules to purchase. Rich:)
  17. Lifetime17

    Argentum LPM Enclosure

    Hi LPF, Here is an enclosure for the Argetum LPM, it fits the current model . I think there were 3 models made mine is the second one . If you have questions about fitting just send him a message. It comes with the plug for the 9v battery and has the cutouts for the Data logging cable and...
  18. Lifetime17

    What did LPF get for Christmas???

    Hi Folks, Just to ask what did you get for Christmas LPF ? . Post your replies and some photos. Rich:)
  19. Lifetime17

    Merry Christmas LPF

    Hi, Just want to wish everyone here at LPF a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year . Another great year here at the forum , Good job to all for making it happen. Rich:)
  20. Lifetime17


    Happy Thanksgiving to all the fine members here on LPF. Enjoy the Holiday eat well and drink responsibly sure ok.... Be safe always .. :D Rich.... The Turkey I took home is 26.63 LBS. not big enough so I went out and bought this one .