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    laser stores

    are ther any actual physical stores/ shops that sell hand held lasers?
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    NU-green laser fiendin

    hey whatup, new-ish to the forum, looking for a green laser and as of right now i'm a bit discouraged because i know what i want but i'm having trouble justifying the expense. I know i want burning ability up to a cigarette hopefully (no i don't smoke cigarettes) but it seems like i should...
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    WTB 100mW+ burning handheld laser

    Hello everyone i'm new to this laser thing but i'm ready to get one of my own. I've had cheepo lasers before but i'm looking for something at least 100mw or more burnong red or preferably green laser. It needs to have an ir filter and should be as new as possible but used is alright and i will...