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  1. Reiign

    Ophir 20c-a-1-y

    Brought this off a member here about 5 months ago. Used it with a voltmeter and an arduino with trevor's code flashed onto it. Seems to get consistent and accurate readings. Always stored in a safe case etc. I am in Melbourne Australia and happy to drop off locally or it be picked up. I also...
  2. Reiign

    M140 Possibly Dead?

    Ok so i lent my dad my laser which ran DTR's 2W 445nm Copper Blue Laser Module W/X-Drive & 405-G-2 Glass Lens $114 (Use with 6-9V or two 3.7V Li-Ions!!!) I have had zero issues with it until i got it back off him. I told him about duty cycles after he had it for a day as it slipped my mind...
  3. Reiign


    So would like to say thank you to Sinner for the amazing host. Worth the wait and incredibly happy with my first build which is now complete! Would highly recommend him to anyone Can check out the MSV3 and my build here. My First Build
  4. Reiign

    Multimeter Help!!!

    I decided to use one of my multimeters for the parts inside it. So i could mount it all in a box and have proper connections for my ophir sensor to join up etc. I have almost finished everything except im stuck with the lcd screen. Elastomeric LCD connector normally sandwhiches between...
  5. Reiign


    So he had the ophir sensor for U.S. only. He was nice enough to ship directly to Australia. It took about a week and a half to arrive. Which seems to be a lot quicker than most things i have ordered. Would just like to say a massive thankyou to him and how awesome he has been! Once i figure out...
  6. Reiign

    Pink diodes

    Ok i have been doing a lot of searching and read through threads such as. pink laser 500mw and a few others. They seem to have been posted back in 2010. Anyway my girlfriend wants to get into laser pointers and as you may imagine she wants a pink one. And i would love to see that myself...
  7. Reiign

    Paypal Money request from Aixiz

    So i am confused to my current paypal status. I ordered a diode stand etc from aixiz and the tracking said it has been picked up from Houston and is currently in Chicago. Same as most my other orders. I then received a payment request. Something i have never seen before on paypal. Here is a...
  8. Reiign


    I just received my m140 module off DTR. Im still awaiting my host and batteries to arrive. I am impatient and incredibly curious to see the beast work. So i was wondering if it where possible to power to aa's or aaa's and what the amount would be? it has the 1.8a x-drive Thanks :D
  9. Reiign

    Free Youtube Intros!

    So i have found this website to be incredibly helpful. I would love to give back to my fellow LPF members and the easiest way for me to help as many people as i can. Is hopefully making you guys some intros you can place in front of your youtube videos. I have seen many of you on youtube, Ive...
  10. Reiign


    I know i cant import these lasers to Australia but i have been looking on aliexpress. Some of the lasers on their are surely to good to be true. Anyway ill shutup and just post some of the links i have found. 5000mw-2000mw Green 10000mw I could of sat there for a lot longer finding more...
  11. Reiign

    Night Vision Goggles

    Im looking at buying these. I have found a few different ones across google. Just wondering if anyone has them and if they can share any info about them?
  12. Reiign

    My First Build!

    So i have been playing around with ebay lasers for a while (just pulling them apart etc to get an idea on how they all work etc) Until i felt comfortable enough in constructing one worth a couple of hundred dollars. So i have finally finished building this laser! My host got here and within...
  13. Reiign

    Hello From Australia!

    Hi guys my name is Brendan or Reiign i am a website builder and do quite a bit of photo/video editing. I am an avid gamer and i love electronics. I am from Melbourne Australia. I have played around with all of the dx modules and blown quite a few seeing how much power i could get through them XD...