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    I think I broke my sci-fi laser!

    I put the batteries in backwards. Blue 1.4-1.6W 445nm IIRC. I thought I put them in the right way but I guess not because not even new fresh batteries don't work. It's not over used Any advice or help would be much appreciated! Thank you
  2. Z

    Sci-Fi Laser review - The SF501b

    I recently purchased the SF501b from Sci-Fi Lasers 1.4W - 1.7W is its power rating, unconfirmed as it has not been tested. Took under a week to get to my house from the moment I ordered, I emailed TheJoker301 prior to ordering asking if he could build and ship it in time as I'm going away...
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    Is it me or the lens?

    Hey, I just received my SF501b, however when I turn the lens at the end, there is no change in the beam, even when I take it off completely it still remains the same. At 1 foot the 'dot' is about 8 inches wide, at 1 meter it's about a foot wide. I've read that blue diverges a lot more than...
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    Hey! What's up:)

    Hey! New here so thought I would introduce myself My name is Shawn, I'm from the UK. I have recently purchased a few lasers and was looking to learn more, in hopes of gaining the experience and knowledge to build my own! Really want a yellow! (594 I think it is?) :) I have eagle pairs on...
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    new 1.4w laser - will any safety glasses do?

    Hey! Ive recently purchased a laser pen from Sci-Fi Lasers. (1.4w-1.8w blue 445nm) I now need to buy safety glasses but will any do? Can I buy a couple of cheap ones off ebay? do they need a specific rating? I was hoping to buy 3 pairs of £1.99 ones off ebay, to protect friends eyes when...