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  1. Crazyk187

    white fusion kit

    Wow so it has been forever since I've been on here.....miss all this...... well anyways I was wondering if these white fusion kits are still around. Maybe there is a better option out now days any comments or complaints on my thread would be appreciated. ... happy lazing
  2. Crazyk187

    Anyone use 26650 batterys

    Dose anyone here use 26650 batterys? Sony is discontinuing the 26650 50A batterys. If people use them I was thinking about a group buy. Thanks for reading
  3. Crazyk187


    I'm just looking for a cheap 1 that would do liquid sky and a tunnel effect... I have been looking on DX and other comparable sites. I just want to add ambiance to a room...... Thanks everyone ¡¡¡
  4. Crazyk187

    WTB~ Rifle host...

    I have seen them at Laserer. Was just shooting in the dark to see if anyone has one they want to sell. I also heard you can get them cheaper then Laserer..... Does anyone know where? Host/laser to gut either or. Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. Crazyk187

    who else has seen this video

    Laser + Sound test-0 ( laser = Alvaro Cassinelli + sound + Daito) - YouTube I want one P.S. the sound is really annoying!!!
  6. Crazyk187

    RGB Project maybe???

    You guys think I can use this for anything.... It was for leds. Used for a course in college For studying lights And mixing colors..... Was wondering if I could maybe switch it over to lasers??? Thanks
  7. Crazyk187

    stun light

    My brother wants to buy a nice strobing stun light.... I'm a laser guy. So I have no idea figured you guys could help. Thanks
  8. Crazyk187

    anyone know where to get diffraction gratings

    I've been looking on the internet all morning And I can't find what I want..... I want a diffraction grating that I can use with my 1 watt laser... Where do I buy this at???? Do I have to buy from overseas???
  9. Crazyk187

    First 445!!!

    This is my first 445. It was part of the group by a couple months ago for the waterproof BOB. Laser. I had it for about 3 weeks and it broke on me. But as you see it has all worked out thanks to all the help from rocket689!!! He provided me with a custom sink and endless modifications to...
  10. Crazyk187

    Will this work

    I have a single AA charger can i charge two 16340's at once (Stacked) on it??? Thanks
  11. Crazyk187

    WTB~~~ 1watt IR

    I'm interested in purchasing a 1watt IR ...... I would like to purchase a complete build Don't really remember seeing any on here for sale... would be great if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks everyone hope you had a good holiday! !!!!!!!
  12. Crazyk187

    performance anxiety lol

    Is it normal for a DPSSL To take a couple seconds to warm up After not being used for about a week. I keep it in my book bag in my room I got it out right before I was about to go to bed tonight and I turned it on And it took about a full 5 seconds before I even saw a green dot???? Is that...
  13. Crazyk187

    custom painted hosts (feeler)

    Would anybody be interested in custom painted host??? Like if I bought a couple of someone's kits and have them painted??? If so what color are you guys thinking??? Justin idea I would like to get my rep up around here. I'm pretty sure I could make it happen if there seemed that there was...
  14. Crazyk187

    burning pixels

    How many mw of green would it take to burn out pixels????
  15. Crazyk187

    I need to know the difference

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 batteries?? The blue 1 is from a chinese laser I bought..... I put it in my 405 and it worked for like 10 seconds and now I have nothing..... did I fry my driver or the diode??..... I don't know how to tell if it is protected battery or...
  16. Crazyk187

    ice cream paint job on my host...

    I'm getting my 532 laser custom painted tomorrow.... as a trade from 1 of my friends at an automotive shop. Now what my question is, the procedure is it gets painted and I think he said 80 minutes at 80 degrees to cure out the paint....... Do you guys think 80 minutes at 80 degrees would...
  17. Crazyk187

    Blacker black ¡¡¡

    Check this out Anyone ever hear of the stuff before... New Metamaterial is Darker Than Black
  18. Crazyk187

    axis springs

    Dose anyone know were can get some axis module springs?? Let my friend play with my lasers and of course they unscrewed it and yea ...... any help would be great.
  19. Crazyk187

    first pink bulid questions

    If I'm using a ps3 405 (30mw) I think. What power of red would I need to get a decent magenta beam. I have some 5 mw reds ........ but did not know if that would be enough. Thanks a lot everyone
  20. Crazyk187

    My Sweet Colman max (First RED)

    This is my first red build. I had a few snags along the way. Rocket689 helped me out. Good guy, Really pleased to buy off him and very helpful!!! This laser was metered (By Rocket689) at 253mw :wave: Its off an SF-AW210 Thanks to everyone that helped, pointed me in the right...