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  1. smallfreak

    Trying to work out correct current for driver...

    No. You see drivers capable to deliver „up to“ 1.6W. These are all fixed CURRENT. The voltage is adjusted to feed exactly this amount of current through the diode. It is depends on the type (and individual sample) of diode you use and changes with temperature. Semi conductors lower their...
  2. smallfreak

    Question For You Chemists

    No need to mess around with graphite or graphene (if you can get enough of it). Just take a diamond of proper size and all your thermal problems are gone. With 2200W/mK it easily beats even graphene hands down. And your pointer will get a very precious look with the diode mounted in a clear...
  3. smallfreak

    Advice for a custom green pointer that is safe for eye exposure.

    Did you measure it? „5mW“ and „cheap“ usually don‘t go together. They cheap ones usually have 50+ mW. They are labelled down to circumvent problems with marketing platforms and authorities.
  4. smallfreak

    Homemade deathray

    Yes, go ahead. Kill yourself as you like. But try to not harm others. Really, when I watched your video how you shoot at the target in front of your window, I was glad not to live in your neighborhood. I don't want to imagine how often this beam went out of the window, probably hitting the...
  5. smallfreak

    IR protection goggles.

    That's a bad type of measurement. Depending on the IR power of your device, the goggles have to attenuate the light to well below 0.1 mW to be called "save". Do if yo have a maximum power of 100mW IR light from your Laser, you need a 1:1000 filter for that wavelength, or in other words at least...
  6. smallfreak

    IR protection goggles.

    You may evaluate the advertising yourself by applying common sense to it. It states that it will block „full range“ between UV and IR. That covers the entire visible spectrum and far beyond that. So what „color“ would you expect from a glass that blocks the entire visible spectrum to a...
  7. smallfreak

    Homemade deathray

    I keep wondering what people sometimes call „not a big problem“. And how they somehow manage to stay alive and out of jail until retirement. If you want be one of these, you should evaluate your doing. What‘s your next project? Home made nuclear power plant? „Ups, I found out that my cans of...
  8. smallfreak

    Is there a way to stop a DPSS 532nm laser (0.9watt) from flickering as in the attached short clip?

    What I see in this "videos" especially the second one ist not "flicker" of the Laser, but the result of the large air space between the source and the target. Let me guess - there is no problem with the beam, close to the Laser itself and it gets worse with the distance. It's essentially the...
  9. smallfreak

    The difference between Linewidth and Bandwidth in laser

    Well, as far as I understand that, "money" ist still "easily available finanical ressources of various kind" as opposed to "capital", which includes bound values. "Cash" is the explicit physical expression of money, usually in form of bank notes and coins, so an even more immediate availability...
  10. smallfreak

    Youtuber Carelessly Waving Around 7 Watt Striker With Friends

    Be careful with what you wish. It might be granted. (edit: chinese proverb)
  11. smallfreak

    Youtuber Carelessly Waving Around 7 Watt Striker With Friends

    This video has been discussed here some time ago. These as...les are the reason why they thighten the laws on posessing and using Lasers tighter every year. They share the impression that such a device is a nice toy to have fun with your friends. And thousands of people think it‘s cool to have...
  12. smallfreak

    The difference between Linewidth and Bandwidth in laser

    Are you sure there really is a fundamental difference? If „bandwidth“ is defined on the frequency graph instead of a measure of information throughput, then „linewidth“ is associated with spectrum charts. At least that‘s the only place where I have been confronted with this attribute so far...
  13. smallfreak

    Red 200mw 650nm not doing much... am I just being stupid?

    You should think about how you are seeing ANYTHING. It‘s all about getting some light entering your eye. You can‘t see any ligt passing by, only light that hits your eye. So in case you want to see „the beam“ you need something within this beam that deflects a tiny ammount of that light into...
  14. smallfreak

    Best Blue Laser for most power/least divergence/maximum distance?

    If you need „long distance“ you certainly need a good beam expander. The divergence drops the same rate as the diameter gets expanded, so with a 10x expander you are down to 0.2 mrad which makes a big difference over long distances. So you might be far better off starting with lower power and...
  15. smallfreak

    WARNING: To those with Nvidia GPU’s

    Once I convince myself to do that, I consider that as a chance to get rid of old habits and old trash that might have piled up in the months 😣 after I did it the last time. Right after I got rid of all the bloatware, adware and spyware that M$ forces on me on every fresh install, this time I...
  16. smallfreak

    WARNING: To those with Nvidia GPU’s

    „Funny“ to read this here, as I am right in the middle of formatting my SSD to install Win 10 fresh again. Something I had to do twice last year. It started with „why is Calculator not loading?“ went over „Store apps missing“ and every try to correct something just made it worse. Microsofts...
  17. smallfreak

    Looking for a laser for 600yard application.

    It might ease the burden to use a super strong Laser, if you equip the camera with a narrow band filter that matches the wavelength of the „interesting“ light. With narrow band i mean something like <5nm width centered at the Laser wavelength. You can increase the sensitivity of the camera to at...
  18. smallfreak

    What kind of eye protection should I get for my red laser?

    If you use two or more batteries in ANY device, make sure, they are the same capacity i.e. use the exact same model. Do not mix manufacturers or models and always use and charge or change them together. Otherwise there IS a chance that one of the batteries runs empty while the other still has...
  19. smallfreak

    Safety with 50mW 532 nm laser pointer

    You are not likely to hurt your eyes, by looking at a diffuse reflection of a 50mW Laser, even at relatively small distances. The power dissipates with the square of the distance —as you certainly know. You should avoid using magnifiers to watch the dot, as you would again gather much more of...
  20. smallfreak

    Laserlands 520nm 5mW, comparison with 532nm?

    You had plenty of occasions to learn to see the difference in a couple of similar greens and yet you only get 80% right when you try. What makes you think someone without that experience and only a single sample can tell for sure whether it is 520 or 532?