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    The BlitzBuck V3 Round Adjustable - Burning component ! (What's the driver made of?)

    Well, That's a message I've sent to Cliff , but I hope you'll can help me also; " Hey, I bought from you before something like 2.5 months that driver: BlitzBuck V3.1 Round Adjustable 1.2-3.1A - $19.99 : Cajunlasers Store The V3 one. I used the laser something like 2 weeks and then...
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    Reverse Battery - important question , please enter !

    By mistake I put the batteries reverse. I don't know why, but the laser doesn't work now. I guess the batteries weren't charged (opened it in the first time and tried to use it ). Anyway now I'm charging it, but still ... Im afraid. Help please !
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    Batteries + Charger problem, Help please and as fast as u can.

    So, I have 2 batteries: UltraFire LC 16340 1000mAh 3.6V. I bought it from OdicForce so I guess they are original. About the charger, I've got the one with the spring, that can match to small and big batteries. Anyways, at the first 1 week everything was ok. I was charged the batteries, and the...
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    A Very Urgent question about the BlitzBuck V3 Round 3A driver ! (Jumper for HIGH)

    I have a very urgent quiestion for you about the driver ! ( BlitzBuck V3 Round Adjustable 3A driver Set to 1.82 AMPs. ) When working with it, suddenly I saw that the " Jumper for HIGH " is welded together. Is that OK ? ISN'T ok ? What will be the implications if I'll weld it or "UN-WELD" it...
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    I'm going to build a 1.8W Laser, I'm AFRAID.

    I saw and read all of the stories about the damage that laser can cause to the eyes. Of Course I bought a goggles , But still I'm afraid from reflactions, and I don't know his power yet. I don't know what is a safr distance, and what will be the damage if I'll do it on a white wall a 1 meter...
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    [Help] 445nm 1.5W+ Safety goggles\glasses - need your help

    So, I'm going to build a 445nm Laser 1.5W and more, and I need to choose a GOOD and CHEAP goggles. For now I've got that one: Professional Lasers Protective Safety Goggles (Easy Pack) - WorldWide Free Shipping Because I had a 100mW laser. (SD-301) So: 1. Is that goggles will be ok for the 445nm...