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  1. WhiteFang

    How to turn on a laser with motion?

    I'm currently planning for a project that involves spinning lasers around, and was wondering if there was any way that I could rig up a system that will allow the laser to turn on while it's in motion, and turn off when it's at rest. Preferably, the motion that triggers this would be quite high...
  2. WhiteFang

    Laserlands' 520nm beauty

    There are already a few reviews of this laser on here from members who were given it free to review, all of which that I’ve seen are fantastic; and if you haven't seen them, and are interested in this laser, I'd highly recommend reading them for any measurements you're looking for. I was...
  3. WhiteFang

    Reliable, cheap "real 5mW"s

    Looking for some safe, legitimate 5mW laser pointers that don't cost too much. >$15 if possible. Anyone know any good sources? I'd go for some 303s off of eBay, but I don't have an LPM and my build will be best seen without goggles on. :D
  4. WhiteFang

    Question about Fasttech's $5 5mW greenies

    In case anyone needs a link: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10001030/1088900-new-wish-5mw-green-laser-module This is by far the best deal on a 5mW of this wavelength I've come across, with free shipping to boot. I've been told that they are extremely overspec, however... Is there any way...
  5. WhiteFang

    UVEX Orange Glasses

    I'm on a budget right now and am looking for some laser safety glasses for one of my lasers. It's being shipped with a(probably) cheap Chinese pair, and I'm not sure if I want to take any chances with that. The laser probably doesn't have an IR filter, so simply looking at how much light is...
  6. WhiteFang

    Laserpointerpro cheapo high powereds?

    LT-301 1000MW 532nm Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit Black - Laserpointerpro.com - Here's a "1W" greenie for $80. They sell 200mW for $16, 500 for $22, etc etc... If I'm not mistaken, a lone diode would cost triple that at least. Just how underspec'd are these lasers?
  7. WhiteFang

    What power will allow a visible beam?

    For a standard 650 nm red laser, what's the general rule for power necessary to produce a visible beam? I'm not talking a lightsaber, just something that will distinguish it from a dog toy. I'm very skeptical of buying 30mW for a build and being able to see the difference.
  8. WhiteFang

    Looking for the shortest laser I can find.

    I'm planning a build that requires a host that is no more than 1.5" long and .5" wide; if necessary, some parts could hang out of the host. Does anyone know where I could find, or how I could build, such a laser? I'd prefer it if the beam were visible, but if that's not possible, I'll be alright.
  9. WhiteFang

    Most efficient way to find duty cycle?

    What's the best way to figure out the duty cycle of a laser? I'm not sure exactly where I should hold the laser to feel for heat, or how much heat to feel for.
  10. WhiteFang

    eBay gatling gun 405nm 1W laser safety question

    My first class 4 laser is on the way, and I want to be completely sure that I'm not doing significant damage to my eye because of a silly misconception, because that's something that I would do. If I'm not mistaken, using the laser outside to point into the sky or pointing it pretty far away...
  11. WhiteFang

    How to power a 5mW green laser with the least bulk?

    I'm intending to buy a 5mW 532nm laser diode to use in pretty small housing(unconventional, not at all like a pointer), but all the ones I've seen for a reasonable price require 3V to function. Should I just buy a laser pointer, dissect it, and use the power supply from it, or is there a better...