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    30 Hr famine

    Hey guys, im doing a 30 hour famine at my school and i need to collect pledges. i know u guys need money for lasers, ect , but think of this as a good cause. lol ( yes i used the guilt trip card) well i plan to get the munchies then go to and then all you can eat before i start, so im suffering...
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    selling WB -sold

    I got $28.93 in WB, ill give you the password to my account, buy whatever for cheaper, my recommendation is to get some safety goggles... 10 bucks obo -SOLD-
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    FS: WL 532nm laser shades -SOLD [pending]

    Comes with the goggles, and case, no cloth.. im looking for 50 shipped, barely used. p.s: ill trade for any green laser you got  :D pics if needed