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    Constant Current Driver Design (Also, i'm back :) )

    Hello LPF, long time no see! It's been a good long while since i've been on here. After switching my focus to multirotors and FPV and then moving to the east coast for school, I seem to have forgotten my roots! Well, 2+ years later i'm halfway done with my Electrical Engineering degree and...

    Prices Dropped: KRNAZNBOY's House Cleaning Sale

    Hello LPF peeps! Long time no see.... As some of you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been around much! I do miss you guys, though! I seems that I have transitioned to FPV quadcopters now. I have myself an emax 250 quad and a goby 210 coming in the mail (all built by myself, of course :)...

    Prices Dropped! KRNAZNBOY's House Cleaning Sale!!!

    Hello everyone! Today I am back to sell some of the stuff that has piled up over the years. I'm not selling everything, as I have never stopped playing with my LAIGHTSABORS, but it is time to get rid of some stuff. OFFERS ARE WELCOME ON ANY ITEMS. NO LOWBALLING PLEASE. ONLY USA BUYERS. First...

    Checking In.....

    Hey guys, sorry i haven't been here for quite a while.... School sucks and I have been getting into multirotors and FPV with my spare time. I, OF COURSE, still take out my lasers every now and then, cool stuff, never fails to entertain me.... Anything new with y'all? Any crazy new diodes? Have...

    FINAL SALE: LPM, 532nm, 520nm DIODE!!!!!!!

    Been out of the hobby for a while, just getting rid of stuff to get money for my electric long-board build UP FOR SALE IS A PL520 520nm Green Laser Diode straight from DTR. In its originally packing from DTR... Acrylic lens, and no leads, pristine pins. Nothing more to it. Asking $43...

    Sorry for inactivity, but its gunna continue :(

    Hey guys, I haven't been on in like, 2 months at least, because of AP world history and school in general. After i got into audio, i have been more into building enclosures and acoustics. My lasers, unfortunately, have been just sitting around :( Anyways, i am here to explain myself...

    New Subwoofer WUB WUB

    Its done! Thanks to djQUAN for all the help with the high amperage PSU!!!!!!!!!! Here it is from start to finish!!! Start with some Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Cut it out: Glue it all together (the hardest part): Give it some style :D : Add some connectors and wiring: Wire up...

    Techhood 30mw Modules

    Just noticed these If these aren't just overdriven, then these are a good deal from a reputable seller :) 532nm 30mW Green Laser Module | eBay EDIT: Buying in 3s is EVEN MORE CHEAP: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-PCS-532nm-30mw-Green-Laser-Module-/141347504404?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20e8f7c114

    URGENT: High Current PSU help

    Hey guys, i am building a (car) subwoofer that i will be running in my home until i am old enough to have a car. The subwoofer amplifier outputs 350watts, but its efficiency is about 25%, so i need 1400 watts in. Voltage in is 14.4v (alternator/car battery) So i need about 100 amps IN @ about...

    I'm Back Kids

    After 5 weeks of summer camp im back at my computer ready to shoot some photons! What has happened while i was gone? Missed you guys <3 -Matt

    HeNe Troubles :( HALP ME!!!!

    hey guys! I have been wanting to get into gas, so i bought a 3.4mw 543nm HeNe off of hwang21. The tube needs 2800v @ 6.5 ma So i bought a DJT-28-00 PSU 2600 - 3200v >10kv startup I set everything up like this: The PSU has a built in 5 second delay, so i plug it in, wait five seconds...

    Going for $100 unless better offer comes in!

    Hey guys up for sale is two 445nm First one is my Laser/Charger i just built It has two USB ports out the back where you can charge your devices, as well as a battery level indicator so you know when your batteries are low. Build Thread Here...

    What do we look for in Boost ICs?

    There are plenty of ICs capable of boosting a li-ion cell (3.7v) to 5-7v. In fact, thousands, all in the right size and shape. What makes laser-specialized boost ICs so hard to come by? We barely have a few reliable sources of boost drivers, and i doubt its because there is a shortage of...

    Dual-Purpose BUILD! JinHeng 12a USB charger + LASER! WOOOP! [PIC HEAVY]

    Hey all! I know i have not posted any recent projects, not because i haven't been building but because i just haven't taken any pics nor did i have time to make threads :) Well freshman year is coming to a close and i finally had time to do an in-depth build. I had been eyeing this host for a...

    18650 Laptop Battery Pulling?

    Hey guys! I am in need of lots of 18650s, and i think it would be a bit more economical to buy some laptop batteries (new, hopefully) to extract the 18650s. However, i won't just buy any laptop batteries. I need: High quality cells (panasonics, sanyo, sony, etc) High capacity (preferably at or...

    Coming Out of the Closet! Hurra!

    (If this thread gets abnormal amounts of attention or it is shared or disseminated, it will be taken down and action will be taken against the offending member) Hello all fellow LPF members! Today, I want to announce something that i have had on my mind for a very long time now. First, some...

    1 year Anniversary! Thanks guys!

    So technically, the anniversary was yesterday, but i was busy all day. I had my first date :p Funny. My first date (with a girl mind you) happened EXACTLY one year after i joined this forum. Neat eh? :D Anyways, from when i started to now, I have partaken in so many projects I cannot count...

    Tools for SMD soldering?

    Hey guys! I am getting into building my own drivers and so I am trying to get into SMD soldering. I think I thoroughly know the process, but I need haz tools! Specifically very nice tweezers. Someone was selling suture kits a while ago here. Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks -Matt

    E-mail updates stopped working

    For about two months now the email updates I used to get when someone posted on a subscribed thread have stopped. I have looked in my settings, and it was enabled, so I disabled it and re-enabled it and it still doesn't work. Now people reply to threads and I can't find them :( Please help...

    All sold

    Hey guys! As some of you know, I got scammed last month by Laser83, a now banned member. He sent me a box full of crap with a few working things in it. Here, i have repaired/rebuilt some of the lasers so i can recuperate my losses. I HAVE LEFT A rebuilt (by me) 1 watt 445nm laser in a C6 host -...