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  1. rocketparrotlet

    Elements and Metals GB

    Finally heard back from the company and got price quotes. Shipping is very expensive in bulk for materials like this, so this GB depends on if enough people are interested so that I can put in a large enough order. I inquired about everything that was suggested, plus a couple extras, and here...
  2. rocketparrotlet

    Elements and metals group buy?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted here, but I still lurk occasionally. Anyway, I did a group buy for elements like gallium and bismuth a while back and I was wondering if there is any interest in something like that again. I'm not quite sure if the dynamics of this forum have changed...
  3. rocketparrotlet

    College choice?

    Okay, okay. I know I have not been on this board for ages, but I think at least somebody should have a good answer or some opinions. I've been accepted to both Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Colorado School of Mines. I have just finished touring both schools and have seen definite pros...
  4. rocketparrotlet

    Music forum?

    I'm looking to buy a mandolin but I can't find a good one in my price range anywhere. Does anyone know a good forum for this? Thanks, Mark
  5. rocketparrotlet

    Data recovery on ipod?

    The headphone jack on my ipod broke so I had it replaced with a new one at the Apple store. The person at the store told me that I would get all my data back since it was synced to my computer, but I didn't. I had a lot of apps and music on there that I don't want to pay for twice. Is there...
  6. rocketparrotlet


    I need a new set of headphones. I listen to about an hour of music every day, and the constant wind-unwind of the headphones around the ipod combined with the sheer number of hours destroys these things pretty quickly. I'm getting sick of not having music for a week while I wait for a chance to...
  7. rocketparrotlet

    Spilled drink on computer

    I was making a protein shake and the lid popped off. The shake exploded all over my laptop. I got off what I could, but I think some soaked in through the keyboard, and now my comma key doesn't work. Sometimes it won't work at all, and sometimes it will type a line of commas like I am holding...
  8. rocketparrotlet

    College applications- Caltech, MIT?

    I would to get into the best science schools in the nation, those being mainly Caltech and MIT. This is because I have a driving passion for science (chemistry especially) and I want to be active in the research field to improve the world and science overall. I have a 3.94 cumulative GPA, 2160...
  9. rocketparrotlet

    Maze Game

    Removed, because it sucked -Mark
  10. rocketparrotlet

    Pick-up lines

    Obviously, some of these are going to be NSFW. -- Do you work for the UPS? Cause I could swear I saw you checkin' out my package! I wish you were my math homework, because then I'd be really hard and you'd be doing me on my desk. Are you a chicken farmer? Cause you're rasing my cock. -Mark
  11. rocketparrotlet

    Laptop problem

    My laptop has been having problems recently. I can turn on the computer, and the lights indicate it is on, but I can't see anything on the screen. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite (I can get the exact model number if necessary). Rarely, after dozens of attempts, it might boot up properly...
  12. rocketparrotlet

    Worst songs ever

    Some songs are not only bad, they are tremendously bad. Songs that will get inside your head and torture you for months or even years. Here's my contribution. YouTube - Ween--Push th' Little Daisies -Mark
  13. rocketparrotlet

    Math help

    I'm falling behind in Calculus, I thought that some of you guys might be able to help me. I am having trouble understanding the fundamental theorem of calculus- where they give you an interval and an equation and you have to find the area. How do you do this? Any help is appreciated. I need...
  14. rocketparrotlet

    Epic story.

    From cracked.com (NSFW) How To Accidentally Throw A Furry Orgy Using Craigslist (How To Accidentally Throw A Furry Orgy Using Craigslist | Cracked.com) By: Chris Bucholz September 22nd, 2009 384,042 views 1198 ShareLike most Internet users, my life is a mockery of the...
  15. rocketparrotlet

    Long exposure and shadow photography

    I got some interesting effects with my lasers in the rain, and then some shadow effects with my lasers through quartz crystals. Login | Facebook -Mark
  16. rocketparrotlet

    Kanye West

    Okay, so we all know about Kanye West's outburst, and we've all seen South Park's "Fishsticks". So have fun with this. kanyelicio.us YouTube - Gay Fish Song (Music Video) Kanye West South Park -Mark
  17. rocketparrotlet

    WTB: Scale, mortar & pestle, and other science supplies

    I would love to buy some supplies for chemistry and pyrotechnics. This would call for a scale or triple-beam balance that is accurate to at least 0.1 gram. I would also like a mortar and pestle to grind my chemicals up into finer powders. If you have anything like beakers, graduated...
  18. rocketparrotlet

    WTB: Portable host for c-mount or 9mm red diode

    I would like to buy a portable host that could accomodate a 2W 655nm c-mount diode or a 1W 635nm 9mm diode. This would have to include space to accomodate the collimation modules, and it would have to be able to be focused. I will also consider sending off the diode with collimation optics and...
  19. rocketparrotlet

    I need selected random crap

    I know this may sound like a stupid concept, but I need some things, and I don't feel like paying a lot of money for them, yet they are just common pieces of junk... 1. Matches! I would like a lot of matches. I have been going through the family matches very quickly, and I think my parents...
  20. rocketparrotlet

    Computer SD port ruining pictures

    The SD port on my laptop seems to be ruining my photos. It has happened on 3 different memory cards; it's not the cards or the camera. It is producing colored bars on my photos and trashing them. What can I do about this? (Example attached) EDIT: The quality sucks because the uploader keeps...