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  1. Gatrezal

    Solder or super glue ?

    Cool, thanks, I might as well grab a little iron and then I can use it for dabs, too. I got an expensive cheap laser pen that was pretty much doa so I took it apart and now I learn about lasers. Thank you.
  2. Gatrezal

    Solder or super glue ?

    Is this even worth fixing or is it junk ? Anyone know what brand is this ?
  3. Gatrezal

    Solder or super glue ?

    Hi, I have a 10mw 532nm laser module that has a crack/break on a pin just before it connects to the board. Do I need to solder this back together or glue it or something or is it supposed to be broken there ? I probably cracked it from jigglin it too much trying to see if it would break ...
  4. Gatrezal

    New laser not working properly

    Hi, I am a noob here.I recently bought the same optotronics pen as the OP and it has the same issue. It seems the part of the pen where the batteries go in is slightly tapered, being larger at the (cap) end. I attached 2 pics to show the same aaa battery in the back & front of the pen. (Sorry...