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    3 MXDL homebrew 650nm reds 170mw

    i know it sounds stupid but 1.Does this laser burn at all 2.What would be your cheapest deal for one with the metal focusing to england with the 1st class post
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    Hercules 350

    well its me of the youtube and i live in england and £ is nearly exactly 1/2 of the $ say $4 it will be £2 so i was wondering if i could get it under the £500 if not ill save up a bit more but itll take quite alot of time. Seens your not using it a grand doesnt sound to bad or a bit below
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    burning laser for sale($65)

    Re:  burning laser for sale($65) so around 28 pounds for a burning laser insteead of £800 or $1,600 What can it burn through at around 5 ft?
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    *SOLD OUT* >150mW mini red lasers for $63

    Re: >150mW mini red lasers for $63 I wouldnt mind bying one of these ut are they in us dollars or in uk pounds because thees alot of difference What distance can they vurn through paper? How far is the beam visible?