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    **** True >200mW 532nm S-KY PGL-200 handheld laser

    Re: **** True >200mW 532nm S-KY PGL-200 handheld l Blord, Ya, with mine, I turn the focus all the way out for close up burning, you can see the beam is the thinnest at 6 to 12 inches, and will burn thru thin plastic cd cases in about 1 sec. turn the focus in all the way and then back it off...
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    oh ya , i do have to mention the dot from this red is so bright and creates a wash of light on a white wall, and with my goggles on I was able to view what appeared to be a perfectly defined round dot, and focused down real nice like a pin point, real nice optics :D
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    Ya I know, he sets the driver like that for a reason, but it can be pushed further as you say, but anyway, who knows how it will test, its new so we can only hope things are getting a little better! so be positive until the results come in. 8-) hes adding an nice alum heatsink installed over...
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    Ya I plan on it. still workin on the host, but ill throw in pics and power stats later. Ill be getting a power meter as my next purchase. BTW he claims there driven to run at 225mW but with proper cooling, 350 and beyond... AL
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    mine came mounted in a focusable, AR coated glass module with large heatsink and driver and battery pack ( and a bunch of little extras)for $129
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    stimlogic.com dont know if he as any in stock or not right now
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I have the same 22x, remember they have to have the technology to create a 22x diode before they can start making the drives. Thats why your not going to find this pioneer in a driver yet. Looks like samsung beat pioneer to the punch. but the pioneers we...
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    DIY Homemade laser diode driver

    Ya I second that one, a couple nice macro pics or a vid tutoriol would be outstanding!! Please!!!
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    Laser Barrels V2. GB. Second run. Kryton Groove

    Re: Laser Barrels V2. GB. Second run. Wow, that looks pretty slick Mike. 8-) Nice moves!
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    S-KY 808nM 1W

    ::)yea fire, thats great, before you burn your house down, how about some video already??? ;)
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    I Have Several Thousand $ to Spend on Lasers

    HAHAHAHA!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D That was even funnier then the thread of the guy trying to sell his mode hopping greenie for $40. I just woke my son up laughing! nice moves Jase
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    im selling my dx true 50mW Green f0r $40

    oops, no $25 is still a gift, it can be salvaged for parts but the most expensive part of your laser is beat. But why are you trying to sell on a forum where people build lasers themselves on the cheap. If its that impressive in person then sell it to a friend who can see it perform.
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    im selling my dx true 50mW Green f0r $40

    ;D Hehe, i feel bad for this guy, but this is really entertaining. I have abandon all Flavor Flave reruns for the evening. Question, why doesnt wannaburn own this laser yet. Are you seriously considering NOT taking an offer of $40. Thats a gift dude. sorry
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    S-KY 808nM 1W

    Lorgar, What is the other gold ring that came in your box ?(above black charger in your first picture) Oh, wait, is that just the tailcap?? OOps, ya ok, i can see that it is now, thought they sent you an extra lens cap or something..
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    250mW of Red face

    Joe from stimlogic.com hes out of stock on them now . he has a green kit with cystals, and some other stuff right now. go to the sight and see what he builds, then click on the ebay link to see what is available. he will answer all your question and then some. great guy to deal with..
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    S-KY 808nM 1W

    That is a door, right??
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    S-KY 808nM 1W

    Why, whats wrong with continuing to use your nice wooden door as a burn site? Looks like its workin just fine.... ;)
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    Got my X-125, question for other owners thought.

    Re: Got my X-125, question for other owners though Hehe, well the dots bright as hell isnt it? hard to judge beam in daylight because beam visibility will vary with the amount of dust and suspended particles in the air, humidity, etc. try inside where theres more potential on a clear sunny day...
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    Video Tutorial for Building DDL's Driver

    Thank God someone did a video tuturial on that, the diagrams at the end left me with so many questions. Seeing it hands on is a HUGE relief, as ive been racking my brain and now the little light bulb in my head has turned on. fantastic!!! I would give anything to see a link of someone DMM test a...
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    150mW RG laser

    still there Luke? do you have any smoke or fog shots to view for interested parties, unless bump means its sold ??? AL