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    Miniature scanning galvos

    I'm currently planning a laser show that I want to be as small and light as possible. I am looking to get the smallest scanning head and beam combing options available. So far I'm looking at sightfx's pretty amazing White Fusion sled for the beam combining and the smallest scanning head I can...
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    RGB beam combining with prism?

    I am planning on building an RGB laser using a common glass prism to combine the beams. There doesn't seem to be any information about doing this on the forums, which has made me worry I am missing something since I would have assumed this would be the easiest way to combine multiple...
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    Help driving many laser diodes.

    Hi, I am currently planning to build a tabletop cigarette lighter in the style of the National Ignitions Facility. I intend using a largish (~25-35) number of laser diodes affixed round the inside surface of an acrylic sphere focused at a central point. There would be an insertion tube which...
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    Hi peoples, I've been getting steadily more into lasers of late and felt I could do with joining a forum, so here I am. So far I've built/modded a handheld red/green "3D" laser show (only "spirograph" type patterns, ~£35-40 to make and contains a 10mw green and 50mw red) ... Not the best thing...