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    Bluray in Surefire flashlight powered by rcr123s

    this is a good little thing! body made of lightweight plastic, twist on bottom, or push on momemtary, your choice! $200 shipped to US $5more for international.
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    Safety Glasses GB!

    The paypal payment page is up  8-) http://deuplonicus.googlepages.com/home If you hate paypal and want to use google checkout, just PM me and give me your email and tell me what you want, and I will send you an invoice through google checkout. if you are trying to order two or more...
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    blu and red all-in-one for sale!!

    this is a bluray laser and a red laser all in one it's really great at getting attention. seriously, don't you all want a blue and red combination laser pointer? I did, so I built one, then another, and another...
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    nice little circuit simulator

    found this recently: http://www.falstad.com/circuit/index.html it'll demostrate a ton of simple circuits for you to play with a MUST for newbies!!! It's not as accurate as industry uses, but it's quick and damn fun to play with.
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    laserwave's gif lags slow computers

    I hate to say it against a sponsor, but that giant gif just isn't efficient enough, tell them to try a flash, to to narrow it down smaller, it lags evey computer i use at work and school. I don't even notice it on any computer less than a year old, but i'm sure there are a lot of people here...
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    recent threads... more listed...

    yea, the 'view recent posts' only show ten posts, could you add another one that'll show new threads since your last visit? that would rock, but if that's too much trouble, how about expanding the revent posts to show 25 instead of only 10?
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    Open Can "maddog 20x" finally done...

    I just hadn't had time, but I finally got around to putting the thin together... this was actually one of the easier 20X open can diodes i've extracted so far, $39 from compUSA and prolly gonna go down further... the thing is powered at approx 320ma, I know not the mw yet, but it lights...
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    Dropping 9v down before an lm317 driver

    I am trying to drop a 9v down a couple of volts before it gets to the lm317 to drive a red diode, I don't have room for a heatsink on the lm317, hence the reason to drop the voltage a bit. I was told I had to put a large resistor (the electronics guy calculated 56ohm 1watter in series with the...
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    minimum uf needed for low powered laser?

    I have 2000 15uf 20v caps laying around and was wondering if they would work for low power circuit for 5-10mw? they are tantalum surface mount.
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    Blu-Ray laser for sale

    only one day left! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=170180562507&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=007 i love shameless selfpromotion!
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    Red Senkat diode not strong with 250ma?

    I can't figure it out, but my senkat diode seems to be operating with 253ma, I checked it with a dummy load, then again with a 1ohm resistor in line with the red laser diode. but it seems to have the brightness of a 5mw laser diode, is it dead? it sure won't burn the same stuff my 140mw red...
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    why would ebay deem my bluray hazardous?

    I hate ebay, I'm arguing with them now, but I think it's because I never wrote "less than 5mw" anywhere... how do the other guys sell thos more powerful lasers on ebay? anyone know?
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    blueray videos in fog!!

    i love my blurays
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    Blu-ray cutting out problems

    I just finished assembling my first blu-ray laser, i've got DDL's lm317 circuitry going on, using 32ohms between the resistor and pententiometer to reach lasing threshold at 37ma-42ma. The problem: Laser is flickering pretty bad, and turns off sporadically after being turned on for several...
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    MADDOG 18x DVD writer diode is square?~!

    Well, here a friend of mine came across this dvd writer for free from compusa, either way, we took it apart, and low and behold! I think i've found a sturdier type of diode but anyhow, my biggest problem is: which lead is positive?!
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    help with circuit  using 7805

    I was wondering if someone here could help me design a circuit to drive a senkate diode (i ordered oneafter breaking two 20x diodes that were open can :-/)
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    Need help removing Diode

    Pics below:  stupid LG 20X dvdRW from sams club has some heavy duty glue holding the diode in place, anyone have any advice on how to remove it safely? it's open can too, which makes things harder!
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    Got my first HeNe!!

    I just got my first HeNe red laser!!! yay! looks awsome!!!! I bought this on impulse at the low price of $28 after shipping on ebay (the guy had it at buy it now) now that I have it I've noticed it has some slight blue halo around the red dot, any idea what it is? also, what can I do with...
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    building a red dvd burner laser!

    eh, i know it's nothing new, but I'm doing it too, and I've run into questions... I made the nice driver that works with two cr23 batteries, and powered up the diode, it made a really really bright large unfocused dot on the wall as I turned up the pot, and seemed solidly bright, didn't get too...