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    250mW of Red face

    :o im officially taking a time out, as my obsession to learn and succeed here has, for the moment, failed miserably. An unhealthy amount of time and $ has been spent reading, searching, shopping, waiting, LOL. My frustration has peaked today because i bought and tried to take apart a dorcy LED...
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    Stimlogic...a closer look!

    Thought Stimlogic deserved a closer look. The stimlogic thread came out a day or two after I had already ordered my first laser ever. Heres the title description off ebay 350mW Burning Laser Diode 650nm Open Can Type Pioneer. $109 Includes: -350mw Red, Pioneer Laser Diode, Housed And...
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    IR lasers

    Can some one explain the charecteristics of an IR laser, i know they burn, but is the beam white or red or invisable or what?