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    wicked laser new scam ! my last post WAS FAR FROM AD FOR WICKED not the way to do it

    well thanks for letting me reply before you closed it :( in my other post ( if you read them )you would know that i am FAR ! from a wicked lover! and i just wanted to see how many others got the SCAM email and to warn people that dont know about wicked to not buy anything from them ! so are you...
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    wicked laser new scam ! my last post WAS FAR FROM AD FOR WICKED

    did you even look at the post ?? i cant see how you could say it was a ad for wicked ! it was a warning not to fall for it ! the mod should read before you hit the DELETE button !
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    What will it be like when the first battle field laser makes its first kill

    so as laser get smaller and more powerful the day is close when there will be a {BFTLR} [battle field tactical laser rifle] and when that first guy takes the hit what do you see happening ? i see a hole that you can look thought and little or no blood . or if the laser can stay on longer...
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    handy laser color chart

    this come be handy to have
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    how big a magnifying glass would it take

    how big a magnifying glass would it take to make as much heat as a 1000mW laser ? anyone ever seen a chart ? and when using a coherent laser checker should the beam be focused to its smallest point to check its power ? thanks ++
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    awesome lasers anyone had trouble with him ?

    i got a blue laser from dave at awesome laser and it was junk when I got it to me so i sent it back now it has been almost 2.5 months and he doesnt reply anymore am i screwed ? :(
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    laser check for sale

    i have a coherent laser check for sale 300 plus shipping it was 395 new you can check my rep here www runryder.com/helicopter/t363951p1/ , same name as here lesodell3 there here is the web page www coherent.com/Lasers/index.cfm?fuseaction=show.page&id=250&loc=830 paypal ready
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    laser comm gone

    anyone else go to LC and see they are gone ?