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  1. astralist

    Generic pen build by Astralist

    Hello ladies and gentleman :D Proudly presents my generic pen build lol :crackup: So after gathering (and building) the required components, i decided to build and post it in here :D There are 3 (three) goals in this build: I actually like to collect/build all possible laser wavelength in...
  2. astralist

    Collection of Laser Die/Emitter Photos

    Decided to create a dedicated thread for members to add laser (diode) emitter/die photos to. While this thread mainly used to share/view the beauty of the emitter/die of laser diode, it may also be used as a reference photos to identify some unknown diode, by looking at its emitter/die Please...
  3. astralist

    Astral Driver For Sale - Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, Linear, & Etc

    For a discussion thread, please go to >here< Hello all! Introducing the new driver DRIVERS AND SPECIFICATION ASTRAL SUPERDRIVE HV (STATUS: INACTIVE - WAITING FOR PRODUCTION) Retail price: $19.9 Topology: Buck (When operating, Vin must be above Vout/diode Vf) Vin: 4.5 - 18V Vout: 0.7 -...
  4. astralist

    Astral Driver - Boost, Buck, & Sepic

    This is not a sale thread! This is a discussion thread. For a sale thread, please go to >here< Hello all! BACKGROUND STORY So long story short, at first i kinda hesitant to design and manufacture a driver because i think people already satisfied with currently available driver, But since i...
  5. astralist

    For Sale: 30W Ophir Laser Power Meter + Hyperion data Logger

    Hi all I'm selling my 30W Ophir Laser Power Meter with Hyperion as data logger board. It's a real Ophir head, capable of measuring up to 30W. The Ophir sensor is outputting 0.806mV/W The Hyperion is using 22-bit ADC with 2500mV Vref So the full scale (from 0mW to 30000mW) resolution will be...
  6. astralist

    Hyperion Laser Power Meter For Sale: 2W, 6W, & 20W Version

    Hi everyone! I am pleased to offer you the new Hyperion Laser Power Meter, targeted for hobbyist and enthusiast with very limited budget towards non-laser-things :beer: This is a sale thread, for detailed discussion thread, please go to >here< Here is the pictures: And The Vritonuzz...
  7. astralist

    Hyperion LPM + Vritonuzz Data Logger Platform

    I will continually updating this thread. :D Hi folks, pardon my english. :D Proudly present to you all: Hyperion Laser Power Meter platform. 👼 *This is NOT a sale thread* For the sale thread, please go to >here< Background: This all started back in 2010 when i'm still on my first year in...
  8. astralist

    Surprisingly good 450nm 5mW pointer from Aliexpress

    Hi, it's been a very long time since i posted on this forum :shhh: Now in a middle of war between 5W++ 445-465nm laser, i just want to share a surprisingly "true" 5mW 450nm pointer with a price of ~$19 For some, maybe having a collection of ~5mW pointer of all colors are more preferred than...
  9. astralist

    635nm & 645nm 500mW C-Mount from ebay

    what a strange price :thinking: 635nm 500mW C-Mount
  10. astralist

    Review: Shenzhen Keyuan 405nm 500mW (668mW pk)

    This is my first review, and this is my first laser that i buy directly from a manufacturer company. as im not a native english, so i won't talk much here :shhh: Manufacturer: Shenzhen Keyuan CO.,LTD. Model: Handheld Laser H405L-500 Wavelength: 405nm Power: 500mW Spec on their website...
  11. astralist

    DC-DC Converter Board Step-Up Voltage Module 4-34V

    Hi all i found something on ebay DC-DC Converter Board Step-Up Voltage Module 4-34V C51 | eBay its quite interesting. with several configuration, maybe it can drive a 445nm laser :evil: copy-paste from ebay: Circuit features: (1) volume exceed small: 32x34x20mm. (2) input (3.7 V ~ 34V)...
  12. astralist

    What makes different output power?

    Hi all just wondering why a green laser can emit a different output power while they have a same pumping diode? :thinking: for example: ALL of 532nm Laserglow Hercules lasers are using 2.5W pumping diode, but the output power is vary between 200mW to 800mW. if this only caused by current...
  13. astralist

    1000mw 532nm from Boblaser

    Has anyone try this from boblaser? 1000mw Most Powerful Green Laser Pointer(BGP-0018B) :anyone: Specification : Model:BGP-0018B Wavelength(nm):532±1 Output power(mW):1W :drool: Transverse mode:TEM00 Operating mode:CW Beam divergence,full angel(mard):<1.5 Beam diameter at the...
  14. astralist

    Hello from Indonesia

    hi everybody, im another laser hobbyist and addict from Indonesia.. finally i made an account for this forum :D