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  1. Trendkilla254

    Time Crystals and Lasers

  2. Trendkilla254

    Anyone with Medical Salvage License in Texas?

    I have the opportunity to buy a Laserscope KTP/532 Surgical Laser System for 30.00 Is there anything that we can do with it? I can't buy it from my employer without the medical salvage license though...
  3. Trendkilla254

    Attn Dam drivers: Dam Delays on the Dam Road due to Dam construction

    https://youtu.be/gHiCN8Uf12Q This is local news for me. Had me ROFL. I had to share if link doesn't work search Belton Dam Delay on youtube or my channel trendkilla254
  4. Trendkilla254

    WTB: 520nm or 515nm 5mw Completed Build

    Co-Worker broke his 532nm laser and came to me asking what to buy as a replacement. I advised him of the durability benefit of 515nm or 520nm at 5mw and he is interested. If anyone has one for sale complete preferebly with a side clicky let me know and I will get with him to see if he likes the...
  5. Trendkilla254

    Anyone heard of Edslittleworld youtube user?

    I will admit I can be a bit of a troll on the interwebz. However on this one occasion I actually wasn't trolling. Laser safety is quite important and people should not take making reviews without information about laser safety lightly. Laserdreads is a user here and we have already discussed...
  6. Trendkilla254

    Low mA drivers?

    Anyone know someone that builds small drivers that would fit in a pen host? I contacted The Lightning Stalker and he no longer builds them after he moved. I need 3 I need one for the 510nm Diode from DTR. https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/osram-10mw-plt5510-515nm-green-laser-diode...
  7. Trendkilla254

    Multiple Power Setting Interlock Plug Idea

    While reading through another thread I got an idea. What if instead of having a host with a driver with a set resistance we just wired the driver board to a 2.5mm headphone jack at the solder points for the resistor/pot. We could then wire the resistor to the plug. This way we could have...
  8. Trendkilla254

    Anyone Spectro'd PLT5-510 ?

    Has anyone spectro'd the PLT5-510? I was wondering if it was ran at 5mw if it would shift down to 510nm? I didn't know about this diode until I saw Syko had one - Kudos to him. I have not found a good source yet. I did find this if anyone wants to wait 12 weeks...
  9. Trendkilla254

    Heat Sinks for 3D printed Hosts

    I just got my 3D printer in the mail. I am far from able to use it yet. I was thinking though, If I wanted to 3d Print some cool hosts; which heatsink would/should I build off of. Which would be the most versatile? I don't want it to heat the plastic. (it should be able to have a normal/adequate...
  10. Trendkilla254

    Trade - 18650's Laptop Pulls for Driver

    I've got a few 18650's (24 of them) that I pulled from laptops. They are all putting out above 3.6v at the moment. I have not charged them all yet. I would like to see if anyone would be interested in trading for a driver. If interested we can go into further detail. I'd need low mA drivers for...
  11. Trendkilla254

    How I got Free 18650's

    So a while back I posted a thread on getting some laptop battery packs from Batteries Plus Bulbs. They had a recycle bucket with old laptop batteries. I asked if I could have them and they said sure. I pulled out several and took them apart finally last night. I got 24 good 18650's If anyone...
  12. Trendkilla254

    What is Wrong with my Dimming Laser?

    My Osram PL-515 with a Lazeerer Super Miniar Driver has seemed to diminish in brightness. I've thought this for a while. It used to be much brighter. I had Pman LPM the diode for me at 5mw and he provided the recommended output. I had the driver built for that mA. It appears that when you press...
  13. Trendkilla254

    Shutter Info - Help

    I am trying to find information on how to add a shutter. Being that Ehgemus is gone for the time being, I am going to contact my uncle to see if he can build or allow me access to try my hand at machining (I have NO experience, I will NOT be building for others). I would like to add a shutter...
  14. Trendkilla254

    3D Printer - Anyone Have one?

    So I'm really interested in building a Halo or Destiny suit of armor for Halloween. The suits are not terribly hard to build but the helmet is. I have seen files available for 3d Printers but when I try to send it off to companies to have it printed they want far more than the average etsy or...
  15. Trendkilla254

    IRS Scammers

    Please join in me calling this number and wasting their time and just saying random things to these idiots. They think they can screw over the American People and Scam our feeble-minded. 316-200-5518 I've had a good deal of fun wasting their time.
  16. Trendkilla254

    pair me up a 635nm for my pl515

    I'm going through working up a cost to build for a RG:Y build. I can't seem to find a comparably priced 635nm or 638nm diode to match with the 30mw Osram PL515. I dont need much power. I'd like any suggestions you guys might have with comparable beam shape.
  17. Trendkilla254

    5mw 445nm NDB7242E "Gun" - Trendkilla254

    Eventually I'd like to build a laser gun. Not high powered or anything. Just using a Nerf gun or something of the sort. So a while back I threw together this build. It is a wiring mess on the inside. It wasn't meant to look pretty, it was more of a proof of concept for me. Something to learn...
  18. Trendkilla254

    Besram 510nm Pointer for ~14.00

    510nm <1MW Green Laser Pointer Pen China 510nm <1MW Green Laser Pointer Pen - China Laser Pointer, Laser Pen Has anyone purchased any of these? Are they the PL515 Osram Diodes? Would anyone be interested in trying to do a group buy to get to the 100 mark? I don't see these for sell on their...
  19. Trendkilla254

    free batteries

    Just stopped by Batteries Plus Bulbs. They verified the 10440 i bought this morning was no good. I happen to notice a bucket of dead laptop batteries. They let me take as many as I wanted. I am now the owner of a lot of 18650 batteries. I'll check the cells later. Thought i'd share the info if...
  20. Trendkilla254

    Help - Tenergy 10440 Li-ion 3.7v 330ma - EE when charging?

    I just bought a AAA Tenergy 10440 sized (Similar to a AAA) 3.7v 330mah Li-Ion from Batteries Plus. When I put it in my pen I built I got no output. This could have been a build error. When I went to charge the battery it shows 75% on my Nitecore charger. After about 2-5 seconds it stops showing...