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  1. Spyderz20x6

    My new mini 1W (maybe higher) 445nm build!

    I try to keep the laser on for 1 min and let it cool down for 30 sec, but I am just keeping om yhe safe side. I've kept it on before for 3 mins and it just got a little bit warm. The focus head is actually jayrob's EzFocus adaptor, I like the look of it on this host.
  2. Spyderz20x6

    My new mini 1W (maybe higher) 445nm build!

    Here's a vid of the laser burning a toothpick, a piece of paper (actually lights the paper on fire), and a piece of plastic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TavA5repx4&feature=youtu.be I fail at embedding so someone please embed for me :P
  3. Spyderz20x6

    My new mini 1W (maybe higher) 445nm build!

    I built this little guy last week before flying out to New York. Now that i'm back, I had some time to take pics and make a video. Basically I had this host lying around for a while, and after getting back into lasers, I decided to build a 445 out of it. The heatsink is a direct press-fit copper...
  4. Spyderz20x6

    Laser Burnt off!!!

    Also, depending on the type of diode (open can or closed can?) I would run it anywhere from 200-400mA
  5. Spyderz20x6

    Laser Burnt off!!!

    You answered your own question. You connected it directly to the battery which is why it died. You need a driver to regulate current, or at the least, a resistor.
  6. Spyderz20x6

    WTF!?!? Freak PHR Diode

    I have definitely considered that possibility, but it has to be. My only 6x diode LED'd on me a while ago, and the beam profile of this one is exactly that of a PHR.
  7. Spyderz20x6

    WTF!?!? Freak PHR Diode

    You said it! This new generation of laser hobbyists are spoiled! :P This kind of power a few years ago was UNHEARD of for PHR diodes, and you'd have to spend $200 on a 6x burner to get that kind of power, and even they weren't as efficient as this PHR I have :O
  8. Spyderz20x6

    WTF!?!? Freak PHR Diode

    First, some background info... So, as many of you know, i've been out of the laser hobby for a while. A good two years. All this time I had a PHR-803T diode laying around. What got me back into the hobby, was my buddy going camping, and asking me if I could build him a laser to take along. I...
  9. Spyderz20x6

    New 445nm Laser Using 9mm Diode and Lens

    Awesome laser, Bill!
  10. Spyderz20x6

    Wanting to build a laser

    Check out the thread in my sig! And for max power from a 405, you'll want a 405-g-1 or g-2 lens.
  11. Spyderz20x6

    1.4W-2.5W Blue-Ice Lasers $125 shipped (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

    Re: 1.2W Blue-Ice Lasers $120 shipped These are beautiful, Yobresal! How long will they be available for? I might have to pick one up myself!
  12. Spyderz20x6

    Another problem..

    Then it's probably not your driver... If it is a low quality multimeter, that is probably the cause. My first multimeter (some generic chinese one) did the same thing.
  13. Spyderz20x6

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Re: PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please Interesting...
  14. Spyderz20x6

    Another problem..

    Sounds like there's something wrong with your pot... Do you have any different drivers on hand? Use one with the test load and see if you get consistent readings.
  15. Spyderz20x6

    No more flexdrive

    Just curious, why did everyone hate you? You seem like a nice guy...
  16. Spyderz20x6

    X-Boost V7 Mini & Super Mini (8mmx11.5mm) 1.8A Laser Driver

    Re: X-Boost V7 Mini (10mmx12mm) 1.8A Laser Driver Wowee, this looks splendid! :beer: EDIT: Does it have reverse polarity protection? And is the negative terminal continuous?
  17. Spyderz20x6

    Hello laser forum!

    Hi, and welcome! If you ever decide to build your first laser, check out the tutorials, helps, and repairs section! I also have a great thread on it in my sig (a bit outdated, so do some reading, but the general idea is still the same). Enjoy the forums!
  18. Spyderz20x6

    No more flexdrive

    No more flexdrive? Whaaaaaaaatttt!?!?!? :'( Is drlava still selling the boost drive?
  19. Spyderz20x6

    WTB: 16340 Battery Charger

    I need a battery charger for the 16340 Li-ion cells. PM me if you have one you are willing to sell.